Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Prize List for Iron Scrapper at Scrap Orchard

Come on... have you checked out the Iron Scrapper contest at Scrap Orchard yet? Ya know ya wanna!
Here is what you have a chance to win.

Grand Prize: Apple iPad2 with Wi-Fi (16 GB) + $200 Gift Certificate to Scrap Orchard *
1st Runner Up: Apple iPod Touch (8GB) + $100 Gift Certificate to Scrap Orchard*
2nd Runner Up: $50 Apple iTunes Gift Certificate + $50 Gift Certificate to Scrap Orchard*

Consolation Prizes:
Scrap Orchard T-Shirt+ & Scrap Orchard Mouse Pad*
Scrap Orchard T-Shirt+ & Scrap Orchard Mouse Pad*
$15 coupon from Ziggle Designs
$15 coupon from Scrapping with Liz
$15 coupon from Irene Alexeeva
$15 coupon from Lyndsay Riches
$15 coupon from Emily Card
$15 coupon from Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
$15 coupon from Designs by Julie Bullock
$15 coupon from Designs by Kat
$15 coupon from Captivated Visions
$15 coupon from SuzyQ Scraps

Monday, July 4, 2011

Check out this scrapping contest

So have you checked out the Iron Scrapper Contest at the Scrap Orchard yet? I think it is my only chance to get an iPad since Clayne just let me order a new laptop and I can only ask for so much LOL. One of the challenges is to make an avatar for the contest. Here is mine.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Iron Scrapper Contest at Scrap Orchard

Oh what a bad blogger I am! I am just glad that Scrap Orchard gave me a reason to make a post - so here goes!

I want to tell you about a fantastic challenge over at Scrap Orchard - this is the first week so I'll remind you about it regularly so you can go and enter some of the challenges! It's fun, and you could win AN IPAD2!!!!! It's a non-elimination contest, you earn points for everything you complete, every point gets you an entry into the draw for the prizes. Click HERE to go check it out!