Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Awesome Contest by MyPicTales

Earlier this summer in a "Works For Me Wednesday" post I mentioned that I was going to be getting some of my digital scrapbook layouts printed by MyPicTales. I was thrilled with the quality of the printing and the service. Now what I am hoping to win is their new contest. Click the image to go and check out the contest for yourself. Unless of course you don't want to create any competition in the contest -thereby increasing my odds of winning LOL!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Here is a darling photo I came across of my boys. They look so little! It was just 4 years ago. On this day I am so thankful for my boys and for my whole family and for good friends. And... well I gotta get going but my list is very long. I am so blessed!

There will be lots of great scrapbook sales going on with Black Friday. Here are a few of them from the Creative Teams I am on. Images are clickable to go to the stores.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grocery Deals - Week of Nov 19

Thanksgiving deals are this weeks list (plus some other stuff of course)


These turkey prices are with your value card and a $25 min. purchase
$6 Private Selection Hen turkey 12-14 lbs
$8 Private Selection Tom turkey 16-20 lbs
$12 Butterball Tom turkey 16-20 lbs

4/$5 large doz eggs
$1.89 Kroger or Smith's 1 lb butter
5/$13 Pepsi or Coca-cola 12 packs
$1.99/lb extra lean ground beef
$2 Jumbo size general mills cereals (when you buy 4)
3/$6 Lay's potato chips
3/$5 Nabisco snack crackers
10/$10 cream cheese, dips, sour cream or cottage cheese
2/$1 Kroger canned veg
79 cents Pictsweet frozen veg
$3.99 Marie Callender's frozen pies
$4.99 10inch fresh baked pies
$1.19/lb Cook's shank portion ham
99 cents/ 5 lb bag of russet potatoes

2/$5 Private selection or Dreyer's ice cream plus get a free 2 ltr of A&W or Sunkist with your value card


38 cents/lb Village Market frozen turkey 16-22 lb with $25 purchase or free with Kraft savings.
(Receive $10 instant savings on your turkey when you spend $25 on participating Kraft products See store or ad for details)
$1.88/lb Hormel spiral sliced ham
19 cents/lb fresh russet potatoes (15lb bag for $2.85)
$1.88/1 lb Albertsons butter
4/$13 Pepsi 12 packs
5/$13 Coca-cola 12 packs
$1.79 Albertsons soda 12 packs

Free popcorn offer - buy 3 boxes of Jolly time micro popcorn (3pack) for $5 Complete the mail in certificate and receive a $5 Albertsons gift card

I also went shopping at Winco today and so here are a few of their prices:
37 cents/lb turkey with $50 purchase
$1.48 Libby canned pumpkin 29 oz
$1.66/ l lb butter
$2.50 Sara lee frozen pumpkin pies
37 cents/lb fresh yams
97 cents stove top stuffing mix
87 cents ocean spray cranberry sauce
98 cents large olives
58 cents store brand whipped topping
$1.24/ doz large eggs
88 cents store brand cream cheese
98 cents powdered or brown sugar
$1.38/pint whipping cream
$8.88/25lb all purpose flour
$3.08 canister (280z) Idahoan potato flakes
$1.68 Guittard chocolate chips and other flavors too

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grocery Deals - Week of Nov 12

A bit late but grocery deals none the less. I went visit teaching earlier and had my niece here for the day to babysit.


$1.99/lb Rump or cross rib roast
$1.99/lb Tyson fresh chicken
69 cents/lb navel oranges
$1.79/lb pork chops or spareribs

Many of the items that were on sale last week with the instant rebate of $5 when purchasing 10 participating items are on sale still this week for the same deal. See last week's post to get an idea or visit the store.


98 cents/lb red grapes
98 cents/lb many cuts of chicken (bone in)
$1.99/lb extra lean ground beef
$1.99/lb boneless pork tom loin roasts
5/$13 (when you buy 5) coca-cola 12 packs

They are running a special much like last week but this time you get a coupon for $10 off your next shopping trip when you purchase $20 or more in participating products in a single transaction using your preferred card. See ad or store for a complete listing of products.

There are also some good 10/$10 items this week like:
Barilla pasta
Betty C brownie mix
Duncan Hines cake mix
Lipton dry soup mix
Hunts 4 pack pudding
and more

Monday, November 10, 2008

Scrappy News

I'm keeping busy today and so I am going to be a bit lazy with this post today and not insert images. There are some good scrapbook sales and offers going on with my designers that I am on Creative Team for. Chrissy Williams has some fun new products out and there is a $1 sale at her shoppe today at Elemental Scraps. Click here to go check it out.

Ziggle Designs has a wonderful new kit out called Feisty. I asked her to design it after watching a YouTube video of what has now become my favorite song. You can see the video here and see what my new fav song is. Here is a link to Kami's blog where she is running a special on her new kit. I am now on my way out the door to go to our local CD shop where they say my new cd has come in that I ordered... yep it is the one with this song!

And.... Carina Gardner of Digi Nirvana has a beautiful new line that is now on sale for 15% off and there is an opportunity in the forum to win the entire line so go check it out here.

I do have layouts that use all of these wonderful new items from these designers and I hope to have more time later this week to share them with you. If you want to though you can click on the link to my gallery on the right column and go check out my work now. Have a great day!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Preamble

Here is a Flashback Friday for my readers. You are as old as I am if you remember watching this and others in this series durring Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. Cheyenne was working on a poster about the preamble this month for her government class and when I sang this little tune over her shoulder she looked at me shocked and asked how I knew it. Guess they had watched this in her class. They had also watched the "I'm just a bill" clip. Remember that one too? Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Grocery Deals - Week of Nov 5


$1.99/lb Extra lean gound beef
$1.99/lb whole pork loin
59cents/lb whole body chicken

79cents/lb gold, gala, granny smith or red apples

There are several offers where if you buy 10 participating items you get an instant rebate of $5
Here are some examples of the final cost when you purchase this way -
Carnation evap. milk 50 cents
swiss miss cocoa mix 10 count 50 cents
colgate toothpaste or brushes $1
General mills cereal or Betty C fruit snacks $1.50
Quaker chewy bars $1.50

These items are $1 when you buy 10 and get the $5 off
Betty C specialty potatoes
Right Guard deodorant
Alka selzer
Dial soap (pump or 3 bar pack)
Black Pearl olives
Duncan hines frosting
Hefty one zip bags
Kroger syrup or cocktail peanuts
Zatarains rice mix

These are $1.50 when you buy 10 and get the $5 off
Betty C cookie mix (bags)
Daisy sour cream
Dannon 4 count yogurt
Duncan Hines brownie mix
Eagle brand condensed milk
Cheetos and Fritos
Kroger vanilla wafers
Pictsweet vegetables (frozen)
Pillsbury toaster strudel
Viva paper towels
Weight watchers ice cream cups

Ok.... there are also some final cost $2 and $2.5o items... but I am not typing them all in.


$1.67/lb fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders
$1 Oscar mayer lunchables or buddig wafer meat
$1.88 Marie Callender's dinner or pot pie individual meals
$1.49 Smart ones entree or desserts

There are some in ad coupons for produce (potatoes, onions, avocados, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes)

Here is a cool offer - spend $30 or more on any combination of these participating products in a single transaction using your preferred card to receive $15 coupon good on any future purchase of your choice.

Here are some 10/$10 for the offer
Lipton dry soup mix
Betty C cake mix
Green giant frozen veg
Lipton rice or pasta sides
Betty C potatoes
Ben & Jerry's ice cream cup

Here are some 3/$5 for the offer
Betty crocker cookie pouch
Suave shampoo
wish bone salad dressing
hamb, chicken or tuna helper
ragu pasta sauce
bisquick shake and pour
progresso soup
suave antiperspirant
betty c frosting

Here are some 2/$5 for the offer
General mills cereal
Chex snack mix
skippy peanut butter
Pillsburry ready to bake cookies
Gold medal flour (5lb)
Country crock spread
Yoplait multi pack yogurt
Best foods mayo
pop secret micro popcorn 3 pack
Betty C muffin mix, brownie mix
Dove soap
Degree antiperspirant

and here are some 3/$10
Totinos pizza roll
Macaroni Grill favorites (frozen)
All small and mighty laundry detergent (I know I'll be stocking up)
a few other items are listed as well.

That is a wrap for this week's posting. Happy shopping.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A little more Scrappy News

Hey scrappers! If you didn't get in on Chrissy Williams get products for DSD, don't worry.... Her sale extends to today. Click on the image to go to her store.
Also the new template challenge is available for FREE. Look for it in her store.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

DSD sale at Digi Nirvana

Thought I better hurry and post this before it is over. Sorry so late but I had a migraine and it threw everything off. Click on the image to go to the store.