Friday, March 28, 2008

Birthday Girls

Six Years Ago Today

It was six years ago today at 3:33 pm that I delivered my last baby, our Savannah. How can it be that my baby is 6 today?

Thirteen Years Ago This Week

It was thirteen years ago on the 24th that Cheyenne was born. Yep, we officially have a teen in our home now. I certainly can not be old enough to have a teenager lol.

Aren't I lucky to have these two beautiful daughters? Happy Birthday to my two favorite girls.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grocery Deals - week of Mar 26

Sorry I am a little late for my usual Wednesday post of Grocery Deals as I was out of town with my family for Spring Break. Here you go for this week:


$1.99/lb Rump Roast
79cents/lb Chicken drumsticks or thighs
$2.29/lb Pork loin boneless chops
10lb/$10 Red seedless grapes
2/$5 Gallon Milk
4/$5 Cottage cheese, sour cream or kips
$1.49 18 oz Kroger peanut butter
$2.99 24 pack Kroger water bottles
2/$3 Keebler Fudge shop cookies
79 cents V05 Shampoo or conditioner


38cents/lb cantaloupe
$1.88/lb boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders or extra lean ground beef or top round london broil or boneless pork shoulder country style ribs or roasts

It looks like they are continuing to have a sale on Kellogg's cereal although I am not sure if it is as good as the deal they had last week. If you missed it last time you may want to go to the store and check it out.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter and a Freebie too

Happy Easter Everyone. We arrived to our Spring Break Destination in St. George, Utah last evening and it is SOOOO lovely. This is what spring is really all about - trees in full blossom and really green grass... and sunshine! I am keeping this post pretty short since I am "on vacation" lol. I have had fun playing with Mandy's new kit Easter Pizazz. It is on sale right now for $2.99. Great deal on a fabulous kit. Click on the image of the kit to go to the store.

Here are a few pages I made using this kit. Fun and springy! The two pager is made using a template by Chris Greiser and the second layout with a template by Chrissy Williams. You can read the full list of credits in my gallery.

Now for your Easter Freebie. Mandy made a fantastic add on freebie for you that you can pick up at her blog. This is a quick page I made for you using this fun freebie. Click here to get your Easter Quick Page. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cereal Deal

I didn't realize that this cereal was such a good deal when I posted earlier so here is the scoop!

Hey just wanted to let you know about a deal I just scored on at Albertsons. I bought 70 boxes of Kellogg's cereal for $33.70 and then they gave me a $10 off coupon for storewide purchases the next time I visit so that is like I got the 70 boxes for $23.70. (34 cents a box!) Can't beat that. The sale ends on Friday and I don't know if they will get more shipments in so you will want to hurry in asap. What I purchased was Frosted Mini Wheats, and the Strawberry and the Cinn. Streusel Mini Wheat flavors as well and some Corn Flakes. Ok... that is all for now. Happy Shopping! Oh and they had 2 special lanes open at the 17th store just to manage this sale.

Grocery Deals - week of Mar 19


4/$11 Pepsi 12 packs when you buy 4
5/$12 Coca Cola 12 packs when you buy 5
4/$5 Doz. large eggs
$1.99 Kraft mayo or miracle whip
$1.99 Keebler and Nabisco snack crackers
39 cents Kroger canned vegies
2/$5 Kellogg's cereal products
3/$5 cheetos or fritos
2/$3 smith's butter

$1.49/lb Spiral sliced half ham (plus receive $5 off your ham instantly at checkout - must buy 4 coca cola 12 packs at the same time to get this discount)
$1.89/lb ground beef or boneless, skinless chicken breasts

3/$5 1lb fresh strawberries


99 cents/lb Cook's shank portion ham
$1.49/lb fresh strawberries

10/$10 deals:
del monte canned tomatoes
challenge butter
albertsons olives
duncan hines cake mix
s&w tomatoes
dole pineapple
albertsons sour cream
stove top stuffing
pillsbury brownie mix
and more....

good deal on Kellogg's cereal buy 3/$5 and get a coupon for your next visit for $3 off (so buy the time you go twice on this deal you get 6/$7) See store or ad for details

4/$11 Pepsi 12 packs when you buy 4
5/$13 Coca Cola 12 packs when you buy 5

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hodge Podge of Stuff

I'll tell you right now that this post will be a hodge podge of information so be sure to scroll down to make sure you don't miss something that will interest you lol.

Update on my quickpage
Wow! I have been so surprised at the response to this quick page. Last time I checked 4Shared this page had been downloaded 286 times. I appreciate the comments that people have left. I wanted to share Ally Blank's page made from my QP. She added a few additional elements from Mandy's News Flash kit. Isn't it cute? Thanks Ally.New Wheels
Clayne bought his new wheels last week. Remember he rolled his Jeep a few weeks ago. He decided on a 2003 Chevy Avalanche. It is a pretty sweet ride with lots lof bells and whistles. He keeps trying to get me to drive it but I just have no desire. A little too big and too much power lol. It intimidates me. He even pointed out that it has a great feature for short people like me lol. You know how it is that often you have to adjust the seat forward in order to reach the pedals? Well in the Avalanche, you can adjust the pedals to come closer to you. I never heard of such a thing. I am loving that this vehicle actually has room to seat 6 so the whole family can fit. We never could take the Jeep when the whole family was going somewhere. Morgan and Cheyenne just had to get in the pictures here.
One Up
If Clayne needed a new truck then I guess I need something new too. I had a new washer delivered today. Gosh they have gotten expensive since I last bought one 11 years ago. I decided that as the kids grow, and the laundry piles too, that I should get me one of these big bad boys. It is 4.6 cu. If that doesn't mean anything... it is big lol. Now I just wish I had the dryer to go with it. Unfortunately when our dryer went out on us last fall we had it repaired and so now it is a keeper. It just can't keep up with this big washer though. So here is my idea... I will get another inexpensive dryer to put in the basement and then I'll have 2 dryers. Cheaper than upgrading to the big dryer shown here. I didn't really want to spend the money right now on this washer because we have had so many expenses in the last few months but mine was leaking and that just won't do. So any of you that live local, if you are thinking of upgrading your wash system in the next year and want to sell your old dryer (in good condition lol) let me know because if the price is right... you have a deal.
We went out Egging on Sunday for part of our Family Home Evening. It is much like going Booing for Halloween. When at my Sister In Law's a week ago I saw the notice on her door and thought it was a fun version. I hadn't heard of it in our neck of the woods and so we decided to get it started. My kids love to do this. If you haven't done it yet, make some copies and join in the fun.
You've Been Egged!

The days are getting warmer. Spring is near.
Easter is coming and the bunny's been here!

Now it's your turn to pass on the cheer
Better be quick before Easter gets here.

You be the bunny and make up a treat
Fill up 3 baskets with good things to eat.

Take them to neighbors and friends you adore
Give to a family you've not given to before.

Make up 3 bundles of goodies to share.
Take them to neighbors whose windows are bare.

Once you've been egged hang this note near your door
The "bunny" will see it and your home he'll ignore.


Recipe Share
It has been a while since I have shared a recipe and so I think I'll share the treat we took egging. I got this one from a recipe book of my friend Jen. This one is quick, easy and Mmmmm.

Squirrel Bars
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
6 ounces chocolate chips
Mix together first four ingredients. Add eggs and vanilla. Stir in flour and baking powder. Spread mixture in a greased 9"x13" pan. Sprinkle chips on top. Bake 3 minutes at 350 degrees. Take out and "marbelize." Return to oven for another 18 to 20 minutes. Cool and cut into bars to serve.

Movie Night?
Did you see that Enchanted was released today. I bought it at Walmart for less than $15. If you just want to rent this... or any other movie. Here is a free code "SPRING" (expires 3/24/08) to use at RedBox. I love this rental system!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh My Goodness... My first Freebie!

Now for some big news lol. I unveil my first FREEBIE in the digi scrap world lol. It is a quick page made with Mandy Mystiques Free kit Newsflash that she has on her blog. If you haven't got it you better go and snag it. It is a great kit! I am also showing you my finished page with a photo of my sweet daughter Cheyenne and myself. When you download the quick page all you will need is a photo and then add a date in the space provided and you are done. Pretty sweet! Enjoy and I would love to know what you think. Click here to get the QP.

Saint Pat's Fun!

Ok so I thought that this was just the cutest St. Patrick's Day idea and I took them around to my Visiting Teaching sisters and the ladies I work with in the Relief Society today. Unfortunately I didn't have any luck finding the cute shamrock soap dispensers and had to just go with green ones but it was still cute. I loved that I could look oh so crafty and it was so simple. You can go to GG Digital Designs Blog (the Golden Girls) and download a sheet of 9 of these cute tags then you just print them and cut them out. That simple! They also have a way cute digi scrap kit that you can download and create your own fun St. Pat's stuff. If you want the tags click here to go to their link page. Be sure to check out their other free goodies too.

Here is a page I quickly put together the other night using this kit. Anyway... Hope you enjoy this freebie too. Has nothing to do with my Creative Team assignments. Just pure fun. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all and happy scrappin.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Layout Shares

Thanks everyone for your positive feedback on my blog's new look. True to my word I wanted to share a page I made using the same kit, Serendipity, that I used for my blog design. Putting this layout together reminded me that I am in need of another girl's night out. We'll have to plan something again soon. (credits: Serendipitiy, Calendar Cards , Mint Tin Mini Album Templates, and fonts - Artistamp Mediuim, Eight Fifteen, Berylium)
I also made this layout of Cheyenne when she was a baby using Carina's products. Wasn't she a beautiful baby? I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks she'll be a teenager. How is that possible? I can't be that old lol. (credits: Camille, Serendipity, Mixin' It Up {again}, and Font Nueve Std)
I will post again real soon with some fun spring holiday ideas and scrapbooking freebies that I have found and LOVE so check back soon. Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grocery Deals - week of Mar 12


2/$3 smith's butter
$1.29/doz. eggs
4/$5 kroger 16 oz. sour cream, cottage cheese or dips
3/$5 kroger ice cream
2/$5 gal. milk

8/$10 betty crocker fruit snacks, select general mills cereals, nature valley bars, fiber one bars
(must buy 8 to get this price)

10lb/$10 red or green grapes
$4.99/lb rib eye or flat iron steak
$1.89/lb pork loin boneless chops

4/$5 cheetos, fritos or dips

10/$10 colgate toothpaste or brushes
10/$10 little debbie snacks
10/$10 duncan hines cake mixes or betty c. brownie mixes


10/$10 whoppers or robin eggs
2/$4 M&M's or hershey's easter candy

10lb/$10 red or green grapes
10lb/$10 whole pork shoulder blade roast
10lb/$10 sanderson farm chicken drums, thighs, whole fryers or leg quarters
$1.88/lb extra lean ground beef

the following are also 10/$10
betty c. brownie or cake mix
stove top stuffing
betty c. potatoes
oscar mayer lunchables
challenge butter

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Blog Has Had a Facelift!

Did you notice that my blog has a new look. I am so excited about the face lift that I just have to give a shout out to Carina Gardner of Digi Nirvana! I used her new kit Serendipity as well as a few items from Kami to create my new header and blog. If you want to see these products you can click on the links above where I give credits for my blogger design. If you just want to go to Carina's store then be sure to click on the blinkie to the right of my posts. You can see that Carina's designs are fabulous and I am honored to be a part of her creative team to show off her products. I'll be posting some layouts using her kits very soon. Hope you'll check back to see.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's New in Life?

Time Out for Women

Over the weekend I was able to attend Time Out for Women. My sister, Ashley, and my Mom came up to go with me. We had a good time together and it was a wonderful production where we enjoyed spiritual messages presented by speakers and some great music by LDS performers. My favorite was Sheri Dew, but then she always is. Another presenter, that I always enjoy, was Emily Watts. She is so fun to listen to. If you have never read any of her books, you should. She has such wit and wisdom. I have two of her books and if you live in my neighborhood and promise to return them, I'd love to let you borrow them.
Scrapbooking News

Yep you read right... another creative team assignment for me lol. I just can't help myself. I am so in love with this new hobby of digital scrapbooking that I just had to join Mandy Mystiques creative team. I have added her blinkie to the side bar of my blog if you want to go and see what she has in her shop. You may have seen the layout I made of my girls in a post from last week that was made with the very kit (Soda Pop) that this announcement was made with. This kit is very much a "girl" kit... unless you decide that you want to recolor it (very easy to do) and then it works very nicely as a boy kit too. This layout also used one of ChrissyW's templates.

I want to share just one more layout for now. This is my new favorite layout that I have done so far. It was made using using the Swing on a Star kit by Kami of Ziggle Designs and Pineapple Plantation. I just had to make a layout of that Jazz game that Morgan and Clayne went to.

Well, thanks for stopping by today to check in on me and if you haven't seen enough of my layouts lol, you can always click on the link on the right hand side of my blog to go to my gallery. Have a great day.

Grocery Deals - week of Mar 5


10/$10 when you buy ten and after instant $5 rebate
Betty Crocker cake mix, frosting, cookie pouches, warm delights, brownie mix
hamburger helper
potato buds

10/$15 when you buy ten and after instant $5 rebate
Progresso soup (select varieties)
8th continent soy milk
Yoplait mulitpacks or go-gurts
pillsbury crescent rolls, cinn. rolls, or grands biscuits
general mills chex snack mix, chex 100 cal. packs
Betty C fruit rolls, snacks
Betty C muffin mix
Fiber one granola bars, nature valley gran. bars
pillsbury ready to bake cookies
General mills cereal (select varieties)

Buy one get one free on the following:
1 lb strawberries
boneless, skinless chicken breasts
boneless pork sirloin chops
beef round rump roast
beef top round london broil
hormel bacon
bulk small raw shrimp
precious string cheese

2o/$10 campbell's tomato soup, chicken noodle soup or spaghetti o's
10/$10 other select campbell's soups


2/$5 gallon milk
4/$5 cheetos, fritos or dips
5/$10 select General mills cereals
3/$5 nabisco snack crackers
$1.99 nabisco oreo cookies

$5.96/bag kroger frozen chicken (lb size bags vary according to cut of meat)
$1.99/lb chuck roast or london broil