Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sketch This Layouts

I meant to share last weeks sketch and layout but got busy so this week I will be sharing two in one post. Here is the one for last week:

(Credits: Cool Like That by Colies Corner Creations, Sketch 47 by Janelle Richmond, Fonts - Elise, Boopee)

And here is the sketch and layout for this week:

(credits: Just Popycock by Carina Gardner, Sketch 48 by by Janelle Richmond, Font - Segoe Script The hearts, alpha and note paper came from the Grateful 4U kit)

Be sure to visit Sketch This to see what the rest of the team created from this sketch. It is always fun to see the imaginative uses.

Grocery Deals - Week of April 30


2/$5 Gallon Milk
99 cents/lb Country style ribs or pork butt roast
79 cents/lb Chicken drumsticks or thighs
4/$5 Kroger sour cream or dips
$1.88 cheetos, fritos or lays potato chips


In the ad there is a great mail in rebate that allows you to buy 2 bags of Tostitos chips and 2 jars of Tostitos salsa and then after the mail in rebate they are just 50 cents each

96 cents/lb Sanderson farms split chicken breast with ribs (thurs and fri only)
$2.69/lb petite sirloin steak

Friday, April 25, 2008

Scrapbooking News

Did you know that National Scrapbook Day is coming soon. Yep it is next weekend. Digital Candy would love to have you join them to celebrate this fun day.

And here is the news I have been longing to share all week. I am loving the new template set that Chrissy Williams just put out. Angie'licious 2 for just $3.00. Isn't it fabulous and less than $1 per layout - a great deal!

So far I have made two layouts from this set and love the results.

(Credits: Thirteen- Cupcake Kit by Carina Gardner, Template Angie'licious 2 by Chrissy Williams, Bottle Caps by Carina Gardner, fonts- CK Ali's Hand, Arial Dudes- Urban Chic by TammyKat, Template Angie'licious 2 by Chrissy Williams, Paper curls by Pineapple PlantationFont - Arial)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A beautiful new kit by Mandy Mystiques and a QP freebie by me

Mandy Mystiques Designs just came out with this beautiful new kit and I have loved making layouts with it. You can click on the image to go to the shop and buy it. I am showing off one of my layouts below. And because Mandy is just so nice she is giving away a freebie on her blog that coordinates with it. Click on the image to go to her blog.

Mandy gave me permission to make a quick page from this gorgeous sampler to give away here on my blog. Here is my finished page:

And here is the Quick Page you can download. Enjoy!

Bread Making

Yesterday I did a demo at the church for the ladies on bread making. If there is one thing that I take great pride in for my domestic abilities it would be making my own whole wheat bread each week. It helps me to rotate the wheat in my food storage too. I own two essential appliances and those are my Nutrimill and my Bosch. I would replace them (with the same models) without blinking if something happened to either of them. I love them both and they are essential to my kitchen. I can not imagine making bread without my Bosch. I did make some bread completely by hand for a few weeks prior to buying the Bosch but it really did take most of my day and I knew I would not stay committed. Yes these two appliances are pretty pricey but I think they are worth every penny. I am going to post my step by step procedure here for anyone who missed my demo and you can just copy and paste to print out for your own use. I am also showing a layout I made in December about my Bosch. In the photo you will be able to see my "bread pans." I picked them up at Rush Kitchen Supply and they are about $9 each but I LOVE them too. They make such a nice big loaf. They are actually the warmer trays that are used in restaurants and buffets. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

(For layout credits you can click on the link for my gallery on the side bar of my blog.)

Wheat Bread
From the kitchen of Tiffany Bodily

5 cups warm water
1 tbsp yeast
3/8 cup granulated sugar
3/8 cup vegetable oil
3 cups white flour
8 cups whole wheat flour (aprox.)
1 tbsp dough enhancer
2 tbsp gluten
1 ½ tbsp salt

Pour warm water into Bosch bowl. Add yeast, sugar, oil, white flour and four cups of wheat flour. Turn to speed one until mixed well. Add dough enhancer, gluten, salt and about 2 more cups of wheat flour. Turn to speed two and continue adding wheat flour ¼ cup at a time until dough pulls away cleanly from sides of bowl. Continue kneading on speed two for 6 minutes. While dough is kneading, place oven rack so that the top of the bread pans will be at the center level of the oven. Preheat oven to 170 degrees or lowest temperature setting and then turn off for a few minutes.

Spray 3 bread pans with nonstick cooking spray. Oil/grease hands and counter. Divide dough into 3 equal portions and shape into loaves. Put dough into bread pans. Check oven to make sure it is not overly hot. (If it seems to warm, crack the door for a minute to let some heat escape.) Place pans in oven and let dough double in size. When dough has risen to double, turn oven on at 350 degrees. Set timer for 40 minutes. Note: The baking time of 40 minutes includes the time that the oven is heating up to 350 degrees.

After baking remove from pans immediately and allow to cool on wire racks with a thin towel resting lightly over the bread. When bread is cool, bag immediately to keep soft.

Grocery Deals - Week of April 23


$1.79/lb extra lean ground beef
$1.89/lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts
10lb/$10 fresh bunch broccoli or cauliflower
4/$5 Dozen large eggs
10/$10 kroger cottage cheese, sour cream or dips

8/$8 when you buy 8
Select general mills cereals
betty crocker fruit snacks
nature valley granola bars
fiber one bars
milk and cereal bars
(one transaction per visit)


$1.88/lb beef round rump roast or extra lean ground beef

99cents for a 5lb bag russet potatoes (with in ad coupon)

$3.99 deli chicken (4 thighs and 4 legs)

$5 instant rebate sale on the following

Makes the following items 75 cents when you buy 20
Kraft Pasta salad
Jell-o gelatin
Kraft mac n cheese shapes
taco bell salsa, shells or refried beans
nabisco go-paks
jello pudding
kraft bbq sauce
draft sugar free handi-snacks pudding
taco bell seasonings
kraft easy mac cups
jet puffed marshmallows
kraft tartar or horseradish sauce

Makes the following $1.88 each when you buy 8
select post cereals
kraft salad dressing
A1 steak marinade
good seasonings salad dressings
knudsen cottage cheese or sour cream
velveeta shells and cheese
nabisco oreo cookies
nabisco snack crackers or ritz
nabisco toasted chips
jello pudding cups or gelatin cups
capri sun drinks
kraft miracle whip or mayo

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hmmmph my grocery ads weren't there

My paper came this morning but the grocery ads were not there. If I get a chance I'll pick up some ads at the stores and post what the deals are. Have a great day.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Chelsea's Baby Shower

My mom, Ashley (sister) and I held a baby shower for my "baby" sister this weekend. This is her first baby and she is due the first part of May and so really that sweet baby girl could come any day. My sister, Chelsea, lives here in town and she will return to work at the hospital after the baby is born. Yep, she is a nurse too. I volunteered to babysit one day a week for her. I can't wait for "my" baby to get here lol. Since I am done having babies I figured one day a week would give me a good fix of a sweet little face to kiss and a snug little bundle to cuddle.

(credits: April Showers by Carina Gardner, Bottle Caps by Carina Gardner, Thick Ribbon Frames by Carina Gardner, Font - Times New Roman)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Remember Sketch This?

Some of my blog readers may remember when I pointed you to the Sketch This site a while back. It has such great inspiration for scrapping. Well, recently she held a Creative Team call and since I have admired the site for a while I decided to give it a whirl. I was fortunate to be selected to join her team. I can't wait to get creating. Yes I know I am on quite a few teams these days, but I love it. Each team I am on challenges me with different products and ideas and I am learning so much. Anyway, I just wanted to share the news and the layout I created for my application for the team. It was based on this sketch

and this is what I created.

Credits: Happy Chappy by Melissa Herzog Designs , Font - Artistamp Medium, Based on sketch by Janelle Richmond

Grocery Deals - Week of April 16


$1.99/lb Boneless Pork Loin, Top Loin Chops
$1.99/lb Boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders
88cents/lb beef back ribs

$3 rebate when you purchase $15 of participating products in a single transaction
Makes the following products 80 cents/ea after the rebate:
Frito-Lay stax
Gatorade propel invigorating water
Gatorade sports drinks
Rice a Roni or Pasta Roni side dishes

Makes the following products $1.20/ea after the rebate:
Quaker oatmeal to go bars, breakfast cookies, granola bites and chewy bars
Quaker Life cereal or Cap'n Crunch
Frito-Lay fritos or cheetos

Makes the following $2.00/ea after rebate:
Aunt Jemima syrup or pancake mix
Lay's or Tostitos
Dole refrigerated juice blends

Makes Pepsi 12 packs $3/ea after rebate

$5.96 for 4 lb. container of Strawberries


$1.99/lb Chuck roast or steak
58cents/lb whole Tyson chickens
$1.79/lb Pork loin or rib chops
$1.39/lb Pork loin assorted chops

See last weeks post or the store for the $5 instant rebate deals.... appears that this is continued for this week.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smile it's Tax Day

15 Free Digital Prints at Walgreens - Today Only
Upload your files to their photo center today and order 15 prints for free. You can pick them up at your local store in an hour. The coupon code for 15 free prints at Walgreens April 15th is TAXDAY.

Short and sweet today. Enjoy!

Monday, April 14, 2008

One Year Older - and it's Okay!

Hey... bear with me and read to the end... if you really want a great deal on scrap supplies it will be worth it lol.
Hey all I thought I'd do a quick post about.... ME lol. It was my 38th birthday this last Friday, the 12th and so this is gonna be about yours truely. The journaling on this layout reads:

I must admit that I was less than thrilled with the idea of turning another year older this year. I am now closer to 40 than 30 and starting to feel old. But I must admit that my birthday ended up being pretty sweet. I had a luncheon with girlfriends on Friday and received many nice gifts. One thoughtful friend even remembered my favorite treat, mini eggs. That night I went with Clayne to see the Emma Smith movie which was very good. Saturday, April 12, I spent the day being lazy, surfing the net& went to lunch with my sister, Chelsea. Clayne got us pizza for dinner so I didn’t have to cook & even remembered that I wanted a banana cream pie from Babe’s Bakery. I finally decided to spend my birthday money on some photo actions for my new digi-scrap hobby. 38 isn’t bad!
(credits: Cupcake Kit by Carina Gardner, Stitching by Carina Gardner, Font - CK Ali's Writing)

And rather than coming up with 38 random facts about me I decided to use the number 12 for the 12th of April.

1. I hated chocolate until I went to college... should have stayed that way lol.

2. I was sent to the principal's office in kindergarten for kicking the kids under the table.

3. I was on the drill team in High School and our lovely school colors were orange and black.

4. I got married when I was 19 and so have been married for almost 2 decades - my that sounds old lol.

5. I hate onions and peppers.

6. I am double jointed.

7. I love to sing karaoke style.

8. I don't go much for bling - wear a $12 Avon ring instead of my wedding ring.

9. I wear contacts - but wish I could have eye surgery and not wear them anymore.

10. The thick frosting is the best part of a cake.

11. I have almost filled 320 gigs of hard drive space with digi scrap downloads and my layouts since November!

12. My favorite season is Spring... so let's have it already!!

I had thought about this post for a few days and now when I went to type out my facts I couldn't remember most of them but oh well... there are twelve just the same. Hope you learned something new about me.
About that movie I saw with Clayne for my birthday. You can click here to go and see a trailer for it. I had been wanting to see it ever since I saw the trailer.
What is a birthday with out a gift? I decided that this year a few gifts were in order for myself. Those who know me will attest to the fact that I have a huge stock pile of paper scrapbook supplies. This fact weighs me down big time in the clutter department and so I am giving myself the gift of letting go. I will be spending the next month organizing these supplies so that I will be ready to host a HUGE open house on the 17th of May where thrifty paper crafters will be able to save big time. Put it on your calendars now and tell everyone you know who would be interested. Now I am putting this on my blog so that I will be committed to carry through because this will be a lot of work for me and I know that I really won't enjoy getting it all together but I do know that once the 17th of May has come and gone I will be so HAPPY.
Another gift I am going to give myself is to get my handwriting made into a font. And I am gonna have Allie Hoopes do it. She has got lots of great fonts that I love including my friend, Wendy Sue. (If you haven't been there go pick up some cute free fonts.) I have been wanting to get my own font for a while and now that I have posted it - yep... I feel committed. I am gonna do it this week. The cost is very minimal and I think it will be fun to include my own writing on some of my digi layouts.
Well thanks for hanging in there on this post and let me ramble on about myself. It was kind of fun - but I won't make it a habit.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Grocery Newsflash

Hey for all you local shoppers The Saving Center - located by the greenbelt - is going out of business and everything in the store is 25% off. Better check it out quick.

Grocery Deals - Week of April 9


The following are 10/$15 when you buy 10
General mills cereal select varieties
Betty crocker fruit by the foot, gushers, fruit snacks
Fiber one granola bars
Nature Valley fruit, grain or trail mix bars or curves chewy granola bars

Pepsi 12 packs are buy 2 get 2 free
99 cents 4 count cinnamon rolls
99 cents/lb Moran's regular ground beef sold in 5 lb chub

Many more buy 2 get 2 free offers including but not limited to the following:
Betty Crocker suddenly salad
Nabisco 100 cal packs
Hormel little sizzlers pork sausage
fresh mini carrots 1 lb bag
Kellogg's cereal - select varieties
Hot or lean pockets
Crystal geyser spring water 24 packs


$1.79/lb extra lean ground beef
$1.89/lb Pork loin boneless chops
$1.89 Tyson fresh chicken

Big mix and match sale on participating items - buy 10 and get $5 off instantly with a limit of $15 off per transaction. See store or ad for complete listing but the following items are at these great prices after the rebate.
50 cents Pepperidge farm goldfish crackers
$1.50 Hot pockets
50 cents Gatorade sports drink
50 cents Betty C. cake mix
$1 Keebler fudge shoppe cookies
$1 Cheez-It crackers
50 cents Hershey's whoppers or milk duds
50 cents Kroger brand pop tarts
$1 Peter pan peanut butter

They also continue to have some of their case lot sales continuing this week.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Digi Scrap News

Just a quick post to let you know about some great things going on with some of the designers I create for. Digi Nirvana is having a clearance sale for this week only on some great items that will retire after this week so get them soon.

You can get this kit: Stella for just $1.30
and you can get the kit Heidi for just 90 cents!!
Also look at this cute kit you can get for FREE at the Scrap Orchard. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter at their site and they will send you the link to download it. The catch is that you must be signed up for their newsletter today! Hurry :)

So…go log into the SCRAP ORCHARD MARKET and make sure that you’re registered and logged in, then scroll down the left hand side of the first page and under where it says YOUR CART there are a few buttons. Click on MODIFY PROFILE and at the bottom of THAT page, make sure that both of the two “newsletter boxes” are checked and then click SUBMIT! Sometime later today you’ll receive our very first newsletter with your download links for the Scrap Orchard Kit you see above!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A catch up post

I have been wanting to share some of my latest layouts and what we have been up to. If you are here for the grocery post just scroll down.

I mentioned that we spent our spring break in St. George last week. We had such a fun time. I was sad that there wasn't time to stop and visit friends along the way or to shop the new IKEA store. The only stop we made for visiting was at Clayne's brother, Jedd's house. We just had to meet our newest cousin/niece, Ellen. She is such a beautiful baby. They blessed her this last Sunday and we knew we wouldn't make it down again and so we just had to stop. While there we had a little egg hunt with Jenny, their other daughter who is 3. It was fun to see them and their "new" home.

While in St. George we took the kids to church - much to their dismay since we were on "vacation." We thought we were in the right ward because there were lots of kids there, but it turned out that they were all visitors too and the ward we went to was a "retired" ward and they didn't have a primary for the kids so after Sacrament meeting we left and went over to the St. George temple visitors center. They had a wonderful display of statues showing Christ's ministry and then at the end we were able to view the Christ statue which is a smaller replica of the one in Salt Lake. Apparently they have one in our visitor center in Idaho Falls too, but we haven't been over there to see it yet. I loved this picture I got of Cheyenne looking at Christ. I will take the lazy route and ask that you click on my gallery link to the right to see more of my layouts and to view the listing of credits for these scrapbook layout shares. Thanks for looking.

The kids lived at the pool while we were at the condo and why not when the temperature was in mid to high 70's the whole time. It was beautiful. We did manage to drag them away just one day to go to Snow Canyon and hike a bit. The whole time we were there they just kept asking when we were going back to the condo so they could swim lol. We hope that sometime when we are down that way we can go to Zion's or Bryce Canyon but until they can hike for more than 10 minutes without so much complaining we figure why bother lol.

I previously posted about the girls having their birthdays. Cheyenne's was celebrated while in St. George, but we were home for Savannah's. I had fun using a baby picture of Cheyenne to show how she has changed over the years. And the one I made of Savannah for her birthday has become my new favorite and I just had to share it.

Last of all... For those who like to be in the digital scrapbook "know" Kami of Ziggle Designs that I am a member of the creative team for is in a new store - Scrap Orchard. They are having a grand opening this week with lots of fun events. So be sure to stop by and join in on the freebies and sales.

Grocery Deals - Week of April 2


It is the case lot sale and I can't list everything so be sure to stop in the store or see their ad.

$9.36/case of 24 Canned Libby vegetables (select varieties)
$3.99/case of 24 Kroger tomato sauce
$2.40/case of 24 Ramen noodles
$24.00/case of 48 Bumble bee tuna
$18.00/case of 12 Jif Peanut butter
$7.79/case of 12 Hormel chili (with coupon)
$12.00/case of 48 Kroger mac & cheese
$8.99/case of 12 Hunt's pasta sauce
$11.99/case of 24 Kroger cream soups
$20.00/case of 12 Kroger honey

$4.49/lb New York or flat iron steak
$5.96 bag of Kroger frozen chicken
$1.49/lb pork spareribs

2/$3 Fresh strawberries 16oz.

$1.88 cheetos or fritos


2/$4 Clorox cleaning supplies plus get a free 35 count clorox wipes when you purchase 2

Spend $10 on participating Pillsbury refrigerated baked goods and save $2 instantly
Spend $10 on participating Michelina's or budget gourmet entrees and save $3 instantly

$5 each when you buy two 24 pack Coca Cola products

$1.49/lb fresh strawberries when you buy 4 lb container at $5.96
96 cents/lb Sanderson farms split chicken breast with ribs
77 cents for 3 cans of Chicken of the sea tuna - limit 3
$1.49/loaf Home pride bread - limit 4
39 cents Albertsons yogurt - limit 12

Buy one get one free on many of the meats see store or ad for details.

20/$12 on the following when you buy 20
Kraft handi-snack pudding
Jello gelatin and pudding
Bulls eye bbq sauce
Kraft marshmallows
Kraft miracle whip or mayo squeeze
Kraft pasta salad
Nabisco go packs
Kraft bbq sauce
and a few other items... tired of typing lol

10/$12 on the following when you buy 10
Capri sun drinks
Post select cereals
Planter's trail mix
Nabisco snak saks
Nabisco handi snacks
Nabisco snack crackers
and a few other items too

8/$12 on the following when you buy 10
Boca meatless entree
Kraft salad dressing
Nabisco teddy grahams
Planters mixed nuts or cashew halves
Baker's dipping chocolate
Planters dry roasted or cocktail peanuts
Knudsen cottage cheese or sour cream
South beach entrees
Oscar Mayer fun pack lunchables
Kool aid or capri sun on the go
Kraft miracle whip or mayo 32 oz size
and a few more items too.