Friday, October 31, 2008

NSD @ Scrap Orchard and Blog Train links

As promised... Here is what is going on for Digital Scrapbooking Day tomorrow. This is the line up for Scrap Orchard. I'll be sure to lyk what is going on with the other designers that I am on Creative Teams for as well. Click on the ad image below to go to Scrap Orchard.


Sine's Scavenger Hunt
Participation Gift: Set of template masks (only available for DSD)
Prize: Coupon to Sine's Store!!

Mel's CT Contest
Win a guest spot on the Scrap Orchard Creative Team!! Contest starts on November 1!!

Irene's Pamper- Up Party Challenge
Win a $6 Coupon to Irene Alexeeva's Store!!

Tiffany's Challenge (Yep - this is my challenge!)
All participants will receive the Paper Pack from Harvest Moon!

Stacey's Scraplift Challenge
All participants will receive the WordArt Pack from Harvest Moon!!

Melody's Mega Challenge
One Random winner will get a $10 GC to the Scrap Orchard

A Blast from the Past with Zakirah
Participation Gift: A MiniKit by Matahati Designs
Prize: $8 Coupon to Matahati Designs!!

Angela's Template Challenge
One Random winner will get a $10 GC to the Scrap Orchard

10:00 am EST-Font Challenge
BY: Tami (tsavoie11)
WHERE: Forum
LENGTH: 3 hours
PARTICIPATION GIFT: Alpha from Harvest Moon

12:00 pm EST- D-I-Y Bingo
BY: Kami
WHERE: Chatroom & Forum
LENGTH: 1 hour
PRIZE: Chance to win a $200 Gift Certificate

2:00 pm EST- Make It! Snappy
BY: Jennifer
WHERE: Make It Snappy! Forum
LENGTH: 1 hour
PARTICIPATION GIFT: Elements from Harvest Moon
PRIZE: $6 coupon to Ziggle Designs

4:00 pm EST- Trivia Contest
BY: Kathy (KayJay)
WHERE: Chat Room
LENGTH: 1 hour
PRIZE: $10 Gift Certificate to SO

6:00 pm EST Template Crop
BY: Kami
WHERE: Chat Room
LENGTH: 1 hour
PRIZE: $6 coupon to Pineapple Plantation Designs

8:00 pm EST- Make It Snappy!
BY: Mel (littleginsu)
WHERE: Make It Snappy! Forum
LENGTH: 1 hour
PRIZE: $6 Coupon to B~Creative

10:00 pm EST
WHERE: Chatroom
LENGTH: 1 hour

And remember the blog train I told you about on Wednesday? The free kit you can collect by going from blog to blog for the downloads? Well.... today is the day for that and here are the blog links for you. Have fun~!

1. SUN ((
2. Kelly (
3. Irene (
4. Madame Wing (
5. Rachel ( )
6. Kristy (
7. Zakirah (
8. Cold Fire (
9. Allie (
10. Bethany (
11. Virginia Jen (
12. Kami ((
13. Becky Wallace(
14. Shauna (
15. Amy Sumrall )
16. Franziska (
17. SO ((
18. Amanda (
19. Mel (
20. Vaso (
21. Polka Dot Plum ((
22. Sine (
23. Monica (
24. Mimi (
25. Becky B~Creative (
26. Claudi (
27. Sherri (
28. Armina (
29. Megs (

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Digital Scrapbooking Trick or Treat

Trick or Treating for Digital Scrapbooking! Now this is my idea of Trick or Treating. No calories and collecting a fun collaboration kit. When Scrap Orchard and Sunshine Studio Scraps team up, you know it is going to be awesome! So on Friday be sure to visit Ziggle Designs Blog to start the blog hopping. You can go to Ziggle Designs Blog right now and see her fabulous new kits and offers as well as snag a gorgeous free paper pack that coordinates with one of her new kits. Free digital scrapbooking goodies... Works For Me! For more fun tips and ideas on a variety of subjects visit the Rocks In My Dryer blog by clicking the image above.

Grocery Deals - Week of October 29

We had our Stake Conference this last weekend and were challenged to live on the food we have in our homes for this week - no trips to the grocery store and no eating out. Since I already had 2 gallons of milk in the fridge and already stock my pantry well - we aren't skipping a beat while we meet this challenge. I will have to wait and hit any of this week's grocery sales until Monday but here they are for anyone who is not doing the challenge. I think it is a good thing to do though just to see if you are prepared. It got me thinking about what things I may want to add to my food storage.

Lots of buy one get one free on meat packages, doritos chips, Land O'Frost lunch meat, etc.

$1.88 General Mills cereal, Fiber one bars, toaster pastries, Betty C Fruit Snacks
$1.79 Albertson's 12 pack sodas, Albertson's chips

The following are 4 days only (wed-sat)
5/$13 when you buy 4 and get one free Coca-cola 12 packs
4/$13 Pepsi 12 packs
also sale prices for these 4 days on bakery holiday cakes and cupcakes
Some sea food and steaks on sale these 4 days as well (still more than I would want to pay for these items so I am not listing prices)

$1.69/lb Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
$4.99/lb Boneless new york steak
$1.79/lb Spiral sliced half ham
99cents/lb red seedless grapes

8 hour sale on oct 30 3pm-11pm
59 cents Big K 2 liter soda
$1.29 Fritos or Cheetos
a few other items like hotdog buns and oscar mayer hotdogs
5/$13 when you buy 5 Coca-cola 12 packs

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scrappy News

Ok I'm telling you now that with National Digital Scrapbook Day being celebrated this Saturday that there is A LOT going on out there in the digital internet world. I don't want to overload you with scrappy news here on my blog so I am going to spread it out over the week. Today I'm going to tell you about Chrissy Williams fabulous Collab Grab Bag since it is only on sale until this Friday - so you better hurry and get it while it is cheap. After Friday it will be revealed and the items will be sold separately. Right now it is just $3 for a $23 value! Click on the image below to go and get it. And sneak a peak at some of what is in the bag by looking at my layout below. Back tomorrow with the grocery deals of the week and some more scrappy news. Have a great night!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Dropping Weight

Dropping Weight
Ok so here goes - I'm fessing up! I can't breath when I put on my jeans. You know how it is (at least I think you do) when you go all summer without wearing your jeans and then when the weather changes you pull out your jeans and act surprised when they don't fit the same as they did the last time you wore them. I have no one to blame but myself for all the indulgence of ice cream and snacks through the summer months. With the kids home all day asking for snacks at various times of the day I would treat myself several times a day when getting them a snack. I decided that rather than waiting until after the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) all of which tend to indulge my weight gaining trend, I would be proactive and loose the weight before the holidays and then keep myself in check over the holidays to not put it back on.

Now I am only talking about 10 pounds which can safely be lost over a few months. I am well on my way after just 3 and a half weeks and I have lost 4 pounds. The changes have been very minimal. I joined SparkPeople and have been tracking my activity level and my water and food consumption. If you have never checked out this program it is free and I have found it very motivating. Getting back into my jeans before the holidays - works for me. For more tips and ideas visit Works for Me Wednesday by clicking on the image above.

Grocery Deals - Week of Oct 22


88cents/lb whole frying chicken, drumsticks, thighs or whole legs

10/$10 oscar mayer bologna, doz med eggs, 16 oz sour cream, 8 oz butter, 1/2 and 1/2, singles wrapped cheese, progresso soups (select varieties), Albersons fruit snacks or cereal (select varieties), nalley chili, steamers frozen veg, little debbie snacks, albersons bbq sauce, and more

20/$10 Albersons mac n cheese, nissin cup noodles, albertsons tomato or chicken noodle soup, albertsons vegetables, jiffy corn muffin mix, ranch dip mix, mustard, refrigerator biscuits, mandarin oranges, taco or ranch dip mixes and more

Buy 2 get 2 free Coca-Cola 12 packs, Pepsi 12 packs, 7 up 12 packs, Alberstons 12 pack sodas, 24 pack spring water, doritos chips

$5.49 12pack double roll northern tp

There is also a 3 day meat sale thurs, fri and sat please see ad if you want more info.


Tyson frozen bags of chicken 2.5 lb are buy one get one free
$2.49/lb beef chuck or rump roast
$2.49/lb pork loin boneless chops
99cents/5 lb bag russet potatoes

10/$10 hamburger, tuna or chicken helper, land o'frost select lunchmeat, campbell's condensed soup (select varieties), goldfish crackers, 16 oz cottage cheese, sour cream or dips, aquafresh toothpaste, reach toothbrush, softsoap

Monday, October 20, 2008

I made my 2009 calendar and a great scrap sale at ES!

So this is what I have been up to this weekend. Chrissy Williams came out with a fabulous new calendar template set and I couldn't wait to work them up. Now all I need to do is print them up and they are ready for my holiday gifting! Here's the good news for you - This template set is on sale for just $1 today at the Elemental Scraps Dollar Day sale. Hurry over by clicking on the image below to check out all the great sales. Well, don't hurry so fast that you don't take a look at my pages I made! You can find listings of credits below the final layout. Thanks for looking!

Credits: January If Only In My Dreams by Ziggle Designs, Pineapple Plantation and Bren Boone, CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy, Font - CK Becky February Paper Hearts by Pineapple Plantation Designs, CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams, Font - CK Becky March BFF 4 LIFE by Chrissy Williams and Angie Kovacs, CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams, Font - Wendy Sue April CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams My Dog ~ 'Lucky Bum'! by Chrissy Williams, Staples and stitching are also by Chrissy Williams from other kits, Font - Wendy Sue May CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams MY MOTHER'S GARDEN-FOLIAGE by Alicia Oestreich, STITCHING NO. 1 by Carina Gardner, Flowers by Jen Wilson, Font - Unnamed Melody June CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams, Favorite Place by Chrissy Williams, Soccer ball by Simply Sweet Designs, Fonts - SP Sweetie Pie, Smiley Monster July Star Spangled by Ziggle Designs, CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams August Alice by Ziggle Designs, Alphabet Soup by Ziggle Designs, CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams, Font - Highland Perk September Scrap Orchard August Mega Back 2 School , CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams, Font - Wonderful Wendy October Autumn Falls by Bren Boone Designs, CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams, Font - NoodleScript November Scrap Orchard September Mega Fallin' For You , CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams December Two Turtle Doves by Ziggle Designs, Alphabet Soup by Ziggle Designs, CD Case Calendar Templates by Chrissy Williams, Font - NoodleScript
Here is a picture to show you how these kinds of calendars look when assembled. You can click here to go to the site for instructions.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Works for me Wednesday: Fun Family Game

Fun Family Game:
Recently we went to Wendy's for dinner and the kids meal toy was a little scavenger hunt game. My kids loved playing it but I could see where we could improve upon it. I can't find where my kids have put it at the moment so I can't tell you exactly what it is called but we played it a bit differently than the rules and I intend to make up a version for our family that is more individualized anyway. In the game was a small deck of cards and on each card was a "scavenger hunt" item. This was the only part of the game we used. What I did was shuffle them and then give 5 cards to each child and then on my cue they could pick them up to look at them. When I said, "go" they would run from the room and try to be the first one to gather up the 5 items. The first one back to me with their items would win. I would then make them quickly return all the items back to their appropriate locations before we would start the next round. Otherwise you could quickly end up with all kinds of random things piled up that "you" would have to put away at the end of game playing.
The scavenger hunt cards had items like the following on them:
plastic bottle
then there were several alphabet related cards that said "something that starts with the letter "b""
there were also several color related cards that said "something that is the color red"
So for the letter ones it was all different letters and the colors were several different colors. I hope that makes since.
Anyway the cards were very small and there were some items that were not easily accessible in our house and then of course I thought of several items that were easily available in our home that I decided I want to recreate the game and make it more personalized to our family and home. I am going to use index cards so that they can keep track of them better. My kids loved playing this and it cost next to nothing. Try it with your family and see how they like it. For more tips and ideas visit the Works for me Wednesday thread by clicking on the image above.

Grocery Deals - Week of Oct 15


The following meats are $1.88/lb
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts or tenders
Beef round rump roast
Boneless pork sirloin chops or roast
Bone-in pork shoulder roasts or max pak country style ribs
Beef chuck 7 bone roast or max pak steaks
Honeysuckle white whole turkey breast

$1/lb gala apples or roma tomatoes
$2.99/lb 93% lean ground beef

There are also several items that qualify for an instant $5 rebate when you buy 10 participating items which make the final price on the items $1, $1.50 or $2 but it is late in the day and I am not going to type them all in. Sorry - see the store or ad if you are interested. They are mostly General Mills and Betty Crocker items.


$1.79/4 lb bag of Kroger sugar or flour
$5/4 doz large eggs
4/$5 Hershey chocolate baking chips
69 cents smith's evaporated milk

$1.79/lb pork loin or rib chops or country style spareribs
$1.99/lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts
$2.49/lb rump roast or petite cut sirloin steak
$1.29/lb cooks butt or shank portion ham

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scrappy News

I can't wait to see what these free"bees" will be. If you digi scrap and you love high quality designs - and of course if you love a good deal - like FREE then this is for you.Starting tomorrow Scrap Orchard will have 1 Free"bee" a day for you!! And a piece to a coupon code!! At the end of the week, you'll have 7 free"bees" and a coupon for 30% OFF in the Market!!! Make sure you stop by the blog or the forum to get the link to the free"bee"!! Each Free"bee" will only be available for ONE DAY!! And you need all the Free"bees" to get the coupon code!! You won't want to miss this!! Tonight's Free"bee" is from Irene Alexeeva!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Scrappy News

There is more that I want to share but I am on my way out the door so it will be short. Elemental Scraps is having a Dollar sale today and Chrissy has this way cute kit for just $1 today. Head over there and check out all the great deals!

And here is a page that I made using this kit.

And it is time for another speed scrap at the Scrap Orchard. These are so fun! There are also many wonderful new products in the store at the Orchard so if you haven't looked lately - you are in for a treat. Go to the market here. Ok... a busy day so that is all for now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

I must admit that my tip today is from one of my digi scrappin friends blogs Theresa Marie. I am going to respect her privacy and not link you over to her blog. She share some menu ideas and I am always on the look for quick and tasty. I think these will fit the bill.

One of the recipes she shared was for goulash. I must admit that in my whole life I have only had it once and do not remember if I liked it or not. So I think it is a good idea to try it again and see. The only thing I do remember is that it was what was for dinner when I went on a babysitting job at the age of 11 or so. The family had 6 kids and paid 50 cents an hour and the babysitting was awful lol. And now....

Dinner Menu Ideas

Theresa said, "Goulash recipe = 1lb cooked hamburger, slightly under-cooked elbow noodles, 1 can tomato soup, 1 can tomato paste, 1 can pork & beans, 1 can corn and water as needed if it looks dry. put all on low in crockpot for 4 hours or so.... WAY easy :) and it's comfort food here."

And she shared the links to these two recipes too.
Honey Glazed "dump" Chicken
Chili Maple Glazed "dump" Chicken
I buy my meat in large bulk packages too and so I think these "dump" recipes will work well for me. I love the idea of adding the ingredients to the bag before freezing it and then it is ready to go when you thaw it. Can't wait to try these out. Hope you'll enjoy too. Thanks my friend Theresa! For more great tips click on the Works for Me image above.

Grocery Deals - Week of Oct 8


$1.88/lb container Strawberries
39 cents Dannon yogurt (limit 12)
$1.79 Albersons 12 pack sodas (limit 8)
3/$5 Oscar Mayer meat wieners (limit 3 with in ad coupon)

There is a 4 day meat sale thurs-sunday
$1.29/lb assorted pork chops
$1.99/lb boneless beef chuck roast
$1.99/lb boneless pork shoulder roast or country style ribs
$3.99/lb beef petite sirloin steak
$4.99/lb beef loin, top sirloin or tri tip steaks


99 cents/lb red or black grapes
88 cents Michelina's entrees
79 cents ea. When you buy 6 2 liter 7-up products
4/$5 doz large eggs
$2.99/lb beef round, london broil or petite cut steak
99 cents/lb chicken split breasts, drumsticks or thighs
$2.49/lb extra lean ground beef

Monday, October 6, 2008

Life Happenings

Ok so I know - I stink at blogging my friends lol! It has been a while since I have posted something besides digi scrap news or the weekly grocery post but hey I have been busy! This post will be to show you what I have been up to since the kids went back to school. I think I'll start with the recent and work back and that way you can read only as far back into my past as you want to hee hee!

With the kids out of school for Thursday and Friday last week we decided to take a little get away. We hadn't had an opportunity to stay at the West Yellowstone Worldmark since it opened so we went up Wed. after the kids got out of school and then came home Friday afternoon so that the kids could attend Gracy (our neighbor's) birthday party and Clayne could get in a few hours at the office. The weather was fabulous and I loved the scenic drive with all the golden aspens. We spent lots of time at the indoor pool and one afternoon browsing the local shops. The kids love shopping for souvenirs and they finally decided on T shirts. They had never been in one where you could "design" your own and they loved picking out just the right shirt and then selecting the decal that they liked best. Savannah got one that said "It's not easy being a princess!" and Cheyenne decided on "Frequent Blond Moments" while Morgan decided on one that had an outdoor wildlife scene with an elk on it and Carson got one that said "World's largest source of natural gas." We vetoed the one he really wanted that said "I love to fart." The guy at the shop was great with customer service and even let the kids behind the counter where they could peel off the paper after the decal was set. Savannah thought that was especially neat-o. So that was about it for our trip - we didn't even go into the national park. Cheyenne had just been there on a field trip the previous week for school and wasn't too excited about going in and we just know better with our kids. When there is a pool to be swam in that is all they want to do. If we try to do something else they just whine about missing out on swimming time! Oh well, guess it saves us money.

Other things that have been keeping me busy is reworking the soil in my flower bed. The soil has always been crummy and I have been putting off this job ever since we moved in here. I have a hard time getting flowers to thrive in the bed right up by my front door and so Clayne and I carefully worked around the sprinkler system and dug the dirt out, added some good dirt and nutrients and then replaced the dirt. I had to try and save all my spring bulbs as we did this too so that I could replant them. I also bought more tulips and put them in while I was at it. I hope this next spring rewards me with a burst of beautiful color! I have until planting season in the spring to decide what perennials I want to add since I removed the mess I had previously planted.
I am taking a photography class at the VoTec and am half way into it now. It is just once a week and then has photography assignments to do before going back the next week. I am learning lots and really needed a kick in the pants to start using that great camera I bought from Shelly as my Mother's Day present. I was a bit intimidated by it and it had been sitting while I found it easier to just use my little point and shoot. Now that I am using my "new" camera I am finding the advantages to this nicer camera. I don't think I'll ever become fabulous but improvement is all I am hoping for. The photo here is for a week where we were to take a photo that told a story. I don't know why but cemeteries always intrigue me. They make me wonder what the people were like and how did they live, etc. This little girl was only 2 years old when she died and although I don't know the story - I know that there was one and I just felt a bit sorrowful for the family as I stood there that morning. I loved the way the light angled down from heaven onto the grave marker. I got good reviews on this photo in class too which made me feel good lol. I titled this photo "heaven's angel."

Savannah was in her first parade on Spud Day a few weeks ago. It was a dismal and rainy day and I tried to talk her out of it by telling her how cold and miserable she'd be but she proved me wrong by insisting we go and she thrived on it. She loves being a star and was all smiles even in the pouring rain. This was where the saying of "don't let it rain on your parade" must have originated since she didn't let it ruin her day. Carson was the only other one to go with us and he gathered a haul of candy. After the parade it stopped raining and we went and looked at the booths where we bought a sling shot for Carson, cotton candy for Savannah and some kettle corn for me. I am a sucker for popcorn!

Speaking of corn. The stake farm offered free corn and I had to take them up on it. I made 2 trips out to the farm and picked a total of 300 ears of corn that I then husked, removed from the cob and froze. It was a sticky mess but we are sure going to enjoy that tasty corn this winter.

Now that I put it all down in a post it doesn't seem that my life is really that busy lol. But it just continues to fly by with the daily duties of "momhood." I am still babysitting my sweet little niece, Megan. She is here now and taking a nap while I get my post done.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scrappy News

Just thought I'd take a minute to show you what the designer's that I am on Creative Teams for are up to and share a few layouts too.

Digi Nirvana is having an awesome sale and some items cost as little as 29 cents - but the sale ends soon so hurry. Click on this image to go to Digi Nirvana and see all the great deals. Some are Halloween items and some are everyday items. Kami of Ziggle designs has this darling new alpha and a fun new kit available in her store. Images are clickable and below is a layout I made using these new items. My layout is clickable to go to my gallery where you can see all of the credits.

This month's collaboration kit at the Scrap Orchard is the BOMB! It is an amazing value at just $3. But the price will go up on Oct. 7 so hurry. It is a spooktacular kit for Halloween and fall projects. Click on this image to go purchase it. And you can see a layout I made with it below.

This gorgeous kit is for charity. Proceeds will be used to send care packages to our troops. Click on the image below to read more about it. And you can see a layout below that I made using this kit.
This template is a freebie at Chrissy William's shoppe. Click on it to go to her store and get it. And yep. I used it on the layout below as well. You can click on my layout to go to my gallery for a full list of credits.

Ok that is a wrap for now. Of course this is only a small sample of what these ladies have in their stores. I hope to post again this weekend and share some of what I have been up to in my life and with my family. I know I have been a real slacker in this! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grocery Deals - Week of Oct 1


$7.96 ea. Kroger Frozen Chicken assorted cuts and weights
$2.49/lb pork loin boneless chops
$1.29/lb Cook's butt or shank portion ham

Case Lot Sale
$15.96/12 pack 18 oz Peter Pan peanut butter
$11.99/24 count Campbell's SpaghettiOs
$3.99/24 count 8 oz Kroger tomato sauce
$11.99/24 count Kroger cream soups
$18.89/24 count Kroger canned fruit
See store or ad for more products

5/$13 Coca-cola 12 pack products


The following are $1 when you buy 10
Betty C Cake mix
Betty C Warm delights
Betty C Potatoes
Bisquick shake 'n pour pancake mix
Hamburger, chicken or tuna helper
Betty C brownie mix
Pillsburry crescent rolls, cinn. rolls or Grands biscuits
Betty C frosting
Old el Paso taco shells, ench. sauce or ref. beans

The following are $1.50 when you buy 10
General mills cereal (select varieties)
Progresso soup (select varieties)
Betty C cookie pouch
Pillsbury ready to bake cookies
Ghiradelli baking chocolate
Smucker's spoonables ice cream topping
Betty C fruit snacks

The following are $2 when you buy 10
Chex mix
Nestle toll house morsels
Jif peanut butter
Nature valley or fiber one bars
Crisco spray
nabisco ritz crackers
Ghiradelli choc chips
Yoplait multi pack or go gurts
Betty C complete pancake mix
Mother's cookies (select varieties)
Pop secret micro popcorn
Smicker's jam or jelly
Betty C muffin mix

88 cents/lb red globe grapes
$1.69/lb boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders
Buy one get one free on several cuts of meat

$10.99/ 25 lb bag albertsons granulated sugar