Monday, October 6, 2008

Life Happenings

Ok so I know - I stink at blogging my friends lol! It has been a while since I have posted something besides digi scrap news or the weekly grocery post but hey I have been busy! This post will be to show you what I have been up to since the kids went back to school. I think I'll start with the recent and work back and that way you can read only as far back into my past as you want to hee hee!

With the kids out of school for Thursday and Friday last week we decided to take a little get away. We hadn't had an opportunity to stay at the West Yellowstone Worldmark since it opened so we went up Wed. after the kids got out of school and then came home Friday afternoon so that the kids could attend Gracy (our neighbor's) birthday party and Clayne could get in a few hours at the office. The weather was fabulous and I loved the scenic drive with all the golden aspens. We spent lots of time at the indoor pool and one afternoon browsing the local shops. The kids love shopping for souvenirs and they finally decided on T shirts. They had never been in one where you could "design" your own and they loved picking out just the right shirt and then selecting the decal that they liked best. Savannah got one that said "It's not easy being a princess!" and Cheyenne decided on "Frequent Blond Moments" while Morgan decided on one that had an outdoor wildlife scene with an elk on it and Carson got one that said "World's largest source of natural gas." We vetoed the one he really wanted that said "I love to fart." The guy at the shop was great with customer service and even let the kids behind the counter where they could peel off the paper after the decal was set. Savannah thought that was especially neat-o. So that was about it for our trip - we didn't even go into the national park. Cheyenne had just been there on a field trip the previous week for school and wasn't too excited about going in and we just know better with our kids. When there is a pool to be swam in that is all they want to do. If we try to do something else they just whine about missing out on swimming time! Oh well, guess it saves us money.

Other things that have been keeping me busy is reworking the soil in my flower bed. The soil has always been crummy and I have been putting off this job ever since we moved in here. I have a hard time getting flowers to thrive in the bed right up by my front door and so Clayne and I carefully worked around the sprinkler system and dug the dirt out, added some good dirt and nutrients and then replaced the dirt. I had to try and save all my spring bulbs as we did this too so that I could replant them. I also bought more tulips and put them in while I was at it. I hope this next spring rewards me with a burst of beautiful color! I have until planting season in the spring to decide what perennials I want to add since I removed the mess I had previously planted.
I am taking a photography class at the VoTec and am half way into it now. It is just once a week and then has photography assignments to do before going back the next week. I am learning lots and really needed a kick in the pants to start using that great camera I bought from Shelly as my Mother's Day present. I was a bit intimidated by it and it had been sitting while I found it easier to just use my little point and shoot. Now that I am using my "new" camera I am finding the advantages to this nicer camera. I don't think I'll ever become fabulous but improvement is all I am hoping for. The photo here is for a week where we were to take a photo that told a story. I don't know why but cemeteries always intrigue me. They make me wonder what the people were like and how did they live, etc. This little girl was only 2 years old when she died and although I don't know the story - I know that there was one and I just felt a bit sorrowful for the family as I stood there that morning. I loved the way the light angled down from heaven onto the grave marker. I got good reviews on this photo in class too which made me feel good lol. I titled this photo "heaven's angel."

Savannah was in her first parade on Spud Day a few weeks ago. It was a dismal and rainy day and I tried to talk her out of it by telling her how cold and miserable she'd be but she proved me wrong by insisting we go and she thrived on it. She loves being a star and was all smiles even in the pouring rain. This was where the saying of "don't let it rain on your parade" must have originated since she didn't let it ruin her day. Carson was the only other one to go with us and he gathered a haul of candy. After the parade it stopped raining and we went and looked at the booths where we bought a sling shot for Carson, cotton candy for Savannah and some kettle corn for me. I am a sucker for popcorn!

Speaking of corn. The stake farm offered free corn and I had to take them up on it. I made 2 trips out to the farm and picked a total of 300 ears of corn that I then husked, removed from the cob and froze. It was a sticky mess but we are sure going to enjoy that tasty corn this winter.

Now that I put it all down in a post it doesn't seem that my life is really that busy lol. But it just continues to fly by with the daily duties of "momhood." I am still babysitting my sweet little niece, Megan. She is here now and taking a nap while I get my post done.


Me - Jen said...

I would have voted for the I LIKE TO FART shirt. Actually I know exactly what place you went to for your shirts. We go there every year and have done it since I was a little girl. I love that place and love the smell of burning iron ons. Way to take your class, you pics look awesome!!

Courtney said...

It's great to see some pictures of your family. Now you just need to turn that camera around and take a few of yourself!

Emily said...

Thanks for the update. I want to hear more about your class. I need to take a class and learn more about using my camera!

Janiel said...

What a fun post. Loved hearing about your trip to Yellowstone and the shirts. Burkley would LOVE that. What was the place called and where can I find it? Also, good for you on the photography class and I LOVED your angel picture! I too am intriqued by cemetaries. I always wonder what the story is about each and every person. Looks like you have been busy!

Hilary said...

Your trip looks fun! Glad you got a getaway. I'm excited for you about your photo class! How come you're doing Tavaci out in Shelly? Smaller class size? Good job on the corn!