Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free Summer Movies at Regal

LOL so here is one of the tips I was just reading and found the list that I was wondering about. We have often attended the free movies but sometimes it is hard to find out what is playing each week. So for a list of what is playing here in Idaho click here. See you at the movies! Oh and speaking of movies, I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie this past weekend with Clayne and it was pretty good. I'm sure we will rent it again or Clayne may buy it when it comes out on DVD.

Fun source of tips - What works for me

Ok so this morning when I posted the grocery deals and realized that I had posted nothing for the entire week since I posted last week's groceries, I felt a huge kick in the pants! How lame of me not to post more regularly. Guess I could say that I have been busy - but aren't we all. I have been doing LOTS of digi scrapping and promise to share some layouts and show and tell about my fav designers that I CT for, but for this post I found something that I am really excited about sharing.
With the kids all home now for summer break I decided that they needed to do better at pitching in around the house. They have gotten pretty lazy about doing their chores and I have gotten lazy about prodding them on. So as the school year wrapped up I sat down with them and said that they pretty much have at least an 11 hour day every day this summer and that I wanted them to give me half an hour of it each day. MOANS! You should have heard them! I couldn't believe it. I am going pretty easy on them and they about bolted for the door for freedom before I could finish my sentence lol. So here is what we are trying now. They have their normal chores that they had in the school year which are pretty simple like rotating in kitchen duties - dishes, etc and little jobs like vacuuming the living room, etc. But each morning they check the dry erase board where I have posted a simple 15 minute job for them to do that morning before they can watch tv or go play. On the board it has the basic list for daily chores to do which include making bed, cleaning room and doing 15 minutes of reading (don't want them to become illiterate this summer) Then each child's name is listed with a job like sweep the kitchen and clean the sink or clean all mirrors. When I get home from the gym in the morning I just take a quick glance around the house and add what needs done to the list for the day. Rather than having certain things that they do each day, they do what I see needs done the most for that day. Anyway... only 3 days into the summer but it seems to be working well so far. I'd love for you to post on your blog what works for you.
I came across this blog that gave me the idea to post about this. Each Wednesday she posts Works For Me Wednesday and today she posted about chore charts. Next week it's the "Mom, I'm Bored" Edition and I totally plan on checking it out. This blog is really fun and anyone and everyone is invited to post ideas on her blog. So there should be lots of fun ideas to glean there next week. If I get a lightning bolt idea, I'll be posting mine there lol. This week there were 251 links of tips that others submitted. Looks like this week they weren't asked to submit to the idea of her theme for chore charts and so are random tips that you can quickly scroll through to see what interests you. There is everything from tutorial on taking pictures of your kids #21, cheap date nights with hubby #23, kid paints made with pudding #28, kicking insomnia #37, homemade play dough #70. Ok I am gonna end this post so I can go check some these and some other ideas listed out. Hope you enjoy this find too.

Grocery Deals - Week of May 28


88 cents/lb Chicken drumsticks, thighs or leg quarters
$1.99/lb beef top round london broil
$1.99/lb beef round rump roast
$1.99/lb extra lean ground beef

$2.88 Dreyer's ice cream

the following are coupon items:
Village Market frozen chicken in 4 lb bags $7.16 ($1.79/lb) limit 2
5 lb russet potatoes 99 cents limit 2
4 count bakery cinnamon rolls 99 cents
twizzlers licorice 4/$5
doz roses $6.99
deli chicken tenders $3.99/lb
rotisserie chicken $4.99 limit 2


$1.59/lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts
$2.99/lb petite sirloin steaks
$1.79/lb pork loin or rib chops
$2.49/2lb pack strawberries

2/$5 gal. milk
4/$5 doz large eggs
10/$10 cottage cheese, sour cream or dips
2/$1 powerade sports drinks
88 cents pringles chips
99 cents cool classics ice cream and pops novelties

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Grocery Deals - Week of May21


$4.99/lb Rib eye steak
50% off select beef franks (hotdogs)
$6.96/select bags Kroger frozen chicken
89cents Smith's hotdog or hamburger buns
4/$1 yellow or white corn
29cents/lb seeded watermelon
10/$10 Bush's Baked beans
10/$10 Kroger dips or sour cream
89cents Kraft bbq sauce
4/$5 Black pearl olives
3/$5 Frito Lay chips or Nabisco snack crackers

5/$12 Pepsi 12 packs (must buy 5)
5/$13 CocaCola 12 packs (must buy 5)


$4.99/lb Rib eye steak
4/$1 yellow or white corn
$2.99/lb fresh cherries
99cents/lb Cook's shank portion ham
$5.99 8 piece mixed fried deli chicken
Buy one get 2 free Oscar Mayer Wieners
10/$10 Bush's Baked beans
$1.88 Kraft Miracle whip or mayo

67cents Powerade when you buy 10 and get 5 free
5/$12 Pepsi 12 packs (must buy 5)
5/$13 CocaCola 12 packs (must buy 5)

$2.88 Dreyer's Ice Cream

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Made A Grand!

Ok so I have had friends email and post asking me how the sale went and I just have to say that I so appreciate all of you for supporting me. If by chance you were unable to make it to my sale and still want to get in on some good deals just drop me an email or call me cuz I have some real great stuff left - still.

So here is how it went down. I worked very hard all week long getting ready for the big sale and just couldn't find enough time to do it all. I even ended up pulling an all nighter on Friday night and didn't go to bed at all. I was still taking supplies out to the garage at 7:40 am when my first customer arrived. I suppose I am just too old to be staying up all night cuz by noon I was whipped! My sale was supposed to go from 8 am to 4 pm but at noon I decided to shut the garage down and go to bed. I could hardly keep my eyes open let alone tally up the sales for people. I had a steady stream of customers in those 4 hours and made $1000! I was thrilled and tired at the same time.

I think I only sold about half of my stuff and like I said I didn't even have time to get it all out so I will likely be holding yet another sale later this summer. The next sale should be much easier since most of my supplies are all ready to go.

It was surprising to me how easy it was to just let it go. I thought I would be much more attached to my supplies. I originally had thought I would hold out my favorites as I gathered everything up. Instead I found that there were very few things that I really felt the need to keep. By the end of my long night I was ready to let it all go lol.

The feeling of real satisfaction was in going to the bank today to deposit the earnings into my savings account. I also was very pleased to talk with a gal who had come to my sale with her daughter. She told me all about how her daughter was busily scrapping with her new goods from my sale. It just felt good to know that by letting it go someone else was able to have the enjoyment I used to have with my scrapbook supplies.

Here are a few of the photos which I also had a request for. My house was such a wreck as I got ready for this. One of these photos shows my main living area. I wish I could say that my house was all back in order now, but I think it may take a week to recover lol. In my garage I had four rows of banquet tables that ran the length of the garage. They were filled with all kinds of scrapbook supplies - cardstock, pattern paper, embellishments, stamps, tools.... There is one photo here to just give an idea of how full the tables were. It really is hard to show in photos the massive quantity of supplies I had for sale. Finally I can say I am a recovering addict. However I find that as I recover from paper scrapping I now am addicted to digital scrapbooking. Is there any hope lol?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Scrapbook Supply Sale

Well there is no going back now! I took out the ad yesterday in our local paper, The Post Register, and the sale is scheduled. I am selling almost every scrapbooking supply I own. Even I am amazed at the quantity of my stash! Here is the scoop:
Deep Discounts on a Variety of Products
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
at my house
See the newspaper for my address or call/email me for directions. Or you can just post a reply here and I will get back to you. Please tell anyone and everyone who you think would be interested. Many of the items I am selling could be useful in a school classroom setting, for church callings, or just to keep the kids busy this summer crafting. I hope I will see you on Saturday.

Grocery Deals - Week of May 14


Lots of Buy one Get one Free deals on their meats- see store or ad for details.

They also have an instant $5 rebate when you spend $15 on a mix/match of over 225 items some of the items turn out to be:
67 cents Lipton Onion Soup Mix
67 cents Lowrey's Season salt
$2 All small and mighty laundry soap
lots more so check it out~

10/$10 sale
l lb mini carrots
French's mustard
Hunts ketchup
Aquafresh toothpaste
Sour Cream
much more


10/$10 Little Debbie or Nabisco snacks
$1.89/lb Extra lean ground beef
$1.68/box Kool Aid Jammers or Capri Sun
2/$5 gallon milk
4/$4 when you buy four select Post Cereals
$1.77 Lays chips, fritos, cheetos

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Women's Conference

I was fortunate to be able to attend Women's Conference at BYU Provo a week ago. As always, it was a very wonderful experience. I attended with two of my friends Kathy and Trina. We had a great time eating out and shopping while on this girls trip as well. My favorite sentence from the talks I heard was, "If it is in the Mother's Heart, it is in the Mother's Home." A wonderful sentence to share with you on Mother's day. I do hope you are all having a beautiful day. I have to say that mine is a little less than picture perfect - but hey that is life! My kids were super rotten in church today. Ever have those days yourself?

One more thing I would like to share about Women's Conference is how amazing it was to have our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, give the closing remarks at the end of the Friday session. We all stood as he entered the Marriot Center and started singing the song We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet. I was so overwhelmed with the experience that I could hardly sing. The spirit was so strong. I knew I had a testimony of him being our prophet before, but it was amazing to have the spirit flood over me while I stood in his presence. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet of God upon the earth today. I know that he leads God's true Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If you want to learn more about our church, click here.

Morgan turned 10

Like I said, I have been a bit of a slacker on my posting. Morgan had his 10th birthday on April 30. I asked him to make a list of 10 of his favorite things. I was surprised that I was not on the list lol.

1. Football

2. Baseball

3. Under Armor

4. Basketball

5. Nike Shoes

6. DC Shoes

7. Chicken Pot Pie (finally I kind of made it onto the list since I make this for him)

8. Burritos

9. Cookie Dough Ice Cream

10. Holister Shirts

Happy Birthday to my sports loving, social butterfly, brown eyed boy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scrappy News

Hey remember the grab bag I posted about on NSD? (See below) Today is the last day to pick it up for that amazing price of $2.75. I finally had time to scrapbook using it and my layout will give you a really good idea of what all is included inside this bag.

(credits: A Boy Outdoors Kit by Angie Kovacs from grab bag, A Boy Outdoors Alpha by Angie Kovacs from grab bag, Patti'licious template by Chrissy Williams from grab bag, Clearly Inked Alpha by Chrissy Williams from grab bag, Chrissy W and Angie Kovacs Collab Grab Bag , Buttons by Elaine Bittencourt, Paper tear templates by Jen Caputo, Font - Teen)

For those of you who know my friend Trina W, her children are raising sheep for 4H and we went up to visit. Savannah loved the private petting zoo. Trina also has ducks, chickens, cats and even rats lol.

(credits: Earthy Natures by Melissa Herzog Designs (who has closed her shop), Word art by Elegant Word Art, Font- Arial) I am only leaving this layout up because it shows off my Savannah so cute! I hope to get it reworked soon with a different kit.

Grocery Deals - Week of May 7


$2.69/lb Petite sirloin steaks
$1.79/lb half spiral sliced ham
$1.19/lb Cook's butt or shank portion ham

4/$5 fresh strawberries in 1lb container
2/$5 gallon milk
10/$10 Bush's baked beans
89cents gatorade
3/$5 Doritos
79cents VO5 shampoo or conditioner


$1.77/lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts or tenders
$1.77/lb beef chuck 7 bone steak
$1.99 Jimmy Dean roll sausage (first 2)

The sale I posted yesterday for cereal is ongoing and I will not list all the details but there are lots of additional items included in the rebate offer. You can mix and match over 250 items in groups of 10 making each item only $1.

Pepsi 12 packs are buy 2 get 2 free
Coca-cola are 4/$12

39 cents Yoplait yogurt (first 12)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome Megan

My sweet new niece, Megan was born Saturday Morning at 6:49 am. I was supposed to be in the delivery room to take pictures but was on my way home from Utah where I had attended Women's Conference in Provo. I was disappointed to miss her entry into the world and got to the hospital within an hour after returning home. She is beautiful. She weighed 8 lb 2 oz which is a pretty big baby for a first. I feel my sister's pain since my first delivery, Carson, weighed 8 lbs. It was rough. She did well with the delivery and everything is good. Here are a couple layouts I made to show her off. I need to do more blogging and am so far behind. I will try to do some more catching up later this week.

(credits: Berry-licious by Heather Manning, Template by Chrissy Williams, Font- Vrinda)

(Credits: Fancy Pants by Pineapple Plantation Designs, Sparkilicious Stitches by Ziggle Designs, Fonts- Wendy Sue, Sketch 49 by Janelle Richmond)

Another great cereal deal

Hey friends
There is a great deal on cereal at Albertsons this week. It started Sunday, May 4 and goes to Saturday, May 10. General Mills various cereals, Betty Crocker fruit snacks select varieties, Gardettos, Chex Mix, Pop Secret Popcorn, Curves Granola Bars, Fiber One Bars.
See store for participating varities. Buy 10 for $20 and get an instant $10 rebate. Also be sure to check the cereal aisle for coupons. I got several of them and they were for 75 cents off of 2 boxes. By the time I used the coupons and the rebate it was a great deal. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

National Scrapbook Day is HERE!

Hi blog friends. The big day is here. Are you ready to scrap or shop? Here are a few places that I would recommend. Chrissy has a wonderful grab bag that is only $2.75 but has a $13.50 value. I have got this bag and believe me it has some fun stuff in it. You won't be sorry if you spend the little bit of cash to get it. Click on the image to go to the store.

Here is Mandy's newest kit and it is on sale for 40% off. It is packed with beautiful elements and papers and a great deal at $4.19. Click on the image to go to the store.

Mandy has this freebie on her blog so you really ought to go get it. Free is always good!

Look at Carina's new kit at Digi Nirvana. Pretty huh? In honor of NSD, Digi Nirvana is having a huge sale (25%-50% off) and on top of that you can use the coupon code included to get an additional 25% off! Check out the new Elementary Collection and Playtime Kits! Coupon Code: NSD25 The Scrap Orchard has lots of fun things going on for NSD too. Here is the latest collab kit and it is on sale for $3.75. Click on the image to to to the sale. While you are there check out the new Farmer’s Market! It won’t be open long, and we will NOT be doing it often, so take advantage of it while it’s there! EVERYTHING you see in the Farmer’s Market is…..DRUM ROLL PLEASE…$1.00!!! Over the course of the weekend you’ll be able to find everything from Alphas to FULL BLOWN KITS in the Market all for only $1.00!! (Oh! and they’ll be adding in and changing items out over the course of this weekend, so check there early and often…!)Here is just one more store I like to shop at. Melissa Herzog Designs are fantastic so head over there and take a look. Wish I had more time to chat but there is lots of shopping and scrapping I need to do. Have a great day!