Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun source of tips - What works for me

Ok so this morning when I posted the grocery deals and realized that I had posted nothing for the entire week since I posted last week's groceries, I felt a huge kick in the pants! How lame of me not to post more regularly. Guess I could say that I have been busy - but aren't we all. I have been doing LOTS of digi scrapping and promise to share some layouts and show and tell about my fav designers that I CT for, but for this post I found something that I am really excited about sharing.
With the kids all home now for summer break I decided that they needed to do better at pitching in around the house. They have gotten pretty lazy about doing their chores and I have gotten lazy about prodding them on. So as the school year wrapped up I sat down with them and said that they pretty much have at least an 11 hour day every day this summer and that I wanted them to give me half an hour of it each day. MOANS! You should have heard them! I couldn't believe it. I am going pretty easy on them and they about bolted for the door for freedom before I could finish my sentence lol. So here is what we are trying now. They have their normal chores that they had in the school year which are pretty simple like rotating in kitchen duties - dishes, etc and little jobs like vacuuming the living room, etc. But each morning they check the dry erase board where I have posted a simple 15 minute job for them to do that morning before they can watch tv or go play. On the board it has the basic list for daily chores to do which include making bed, cleaning room and doing 15 minutes of reading (don't want them to become illiterate this summer) Then each child's name is listed with a job like sweep the kitchen and clean the sink or clean all mirrors. When I get home from the gym in the morning I just take a quick glance around the house and add what needs done to the list for the day. Rather than having certain things that they do each day, they do what I see needs done the most for that day. Anyway... only 3 days into the summer but it seems to be working well so far. I'd love for you to post on your blog what works for you.
I came across this blog that gave me the idea to post about this. Each Wednesday she posts Works For Me Wednesday and today she posted about chore charts. Next week it's the "Mom, I'm Bored" Edition and I totally plan on checking it out. This blog is really fun and anyone and everyone is invited to post ideas on her blog. So there should be lots of fun ideas to glean there next week. If I get a lightning bolt idea, I'll be posting mine there lol. This week there were 251 links of tips that others submitted. Looks like this week they weren't asked to submit to the idea of her theme for chore charts and so are random tips that you can quickly scroll through to see what interests you. There is everything from tutorial on taking pictures of your kids #21, cheap date nights with hubby #23, kid paints made with pudding #28, kicking insomnia #37, homemade play dough #70. Ok I am gonna end this post so I can go check some these and some other ideas listed out. Hope you enjoy this find too.


Hilary said...

Your system sounds great, Tiffany. I used to look at that website (Rocks in my Dryer) but it always froze up my computer! (of course, my computer is old and slow, but still!)

Emily said...

Thanks for the update. I am excited about this website link. Thanks!