Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scrappy News

Just a quick note. I am getting ready to abandon my family for a few days and head to Woman's Conference in Provo. Clayne will do just fine taking care of everything for me at home.... I am SURE. I have so much to do before I leave but wanted to let you know that Scrap Orchard has a FABULOUS sale going on. I love all of Bren Boone's stuff and she has some great kits in the sale for just $1. There are TONS of great items so click HERE and get your shopping cart loaded up. And just in case I don't have a chance to get back to my blog before Saturday.... On Saturday it is National Scrapbook Day. There will be lots of great sales and events going on in digital scrapbook land so I hope to be able to join in on some of it when I get home Saturday. Hope you all have a great week.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Project 365 Day 115-118

The photo prompts are unfolding to be portions of a self portrait this week but I have decided to take it a different direction and show what products are "must haves" for my teeth, eyes, hair and ears. Those were the photo prompts for the past 4 days.Day 115 "teeth"
Day 116 "eyes"
Day 117 "hair"
Day 118 "ears"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Project 365 Day 110-114

Yep.... Gonna catch up quick again. I am determined to stick with this Project!
Day 110 the prompt was alarm clock. Here is the time that it goes off 5 days out of 7 so I can go to the gym.
Day 111 Remote (used it today to watch Am. Idol)
Day 112 the prompt was Newspaper (Perfect day to shoot this since it is the day I wait for... Wednesday grocery ads)
Day 113 the prompt was Feet - I am determined to find flip flops that my stupid arches will like. Maybe these will be them! The color is right lol.
Day 114 the prompt is hands. I bought 10 dozen eggs today - they were a steal at 50 cents a doz. I think the stores had too many left from Easter. I put a dozen in a freezer bag and put the 10 bags into the freezer for future use as scrambled eggs or omelets.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Project 365 Day 107-109

Here I am again playing catch up on my Project 365. Taking the photos isn't usually the problem... it is getting them uploaded on my computer and posted on my blog. The photo prompt for day 107 was "rolling pin." I wasn't in the mood to be domestic and make a pie or cookies so I had Savannah do some play doh. She was happy to oblige me in my photo needs.
The prompt for day 108 was "photo album" and guess what. I don't even have any photo albums in my house lol. I always kept my photos in photo boxes like this one until I got them scrapbooked and then they were in the scrapbooks. Now that my passion is digital scrapbooking, I rarely delve into these boxes. I did get a great new negative scanner and am excited to turn all my old negatives into digital images so I can digital scrapbook them all too.The photo prompt for today was "take away." The first thing to mind was Morgan's math book that was sitting out. We have spent quite a bit of time this weekend tutoring him and having him redo some of his past assignments that he did poorly on. He is a very smart kid and math is one of his best subjects. He just got lazy on us and we let up. Guess we'll be buckling down on him again. What a stinker!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Scrappy News & Project 365 Day 105-106

Ziggle Designs has teamed up with Amanda Heimann to create a delicious kit that is sure to inspire you. Click the image to to to the Market to buy this fun kit. Or if you would like a chance to win this kit be sure to visit the Creative Team Blog.
And here are a few pages I made using this fun kit. Images are clickable to go to my Gallery for full credits. This first one I took the photos at the School's fun Family Night that was held this week and the other was from our last summer's vacation. I really wanted to take a trip to our local ice cream shoppe but decided that with all the calories I have been consuming on Easter candy.... especially those Mini Eggs - I had better not be going out for ice cream sundaes.

Yesterday, Day 105 was "Sugar Rush" I have to tell you.... as I said before... I need to cut back on all the sweets I am eating lately. So far today I haven't eaten any. I hope I can be "good" all day.
Today the photo prompt was "circuit board." Kind of strange. Don't know how to be very creative for this photo. This is the circuitry from 3 computers ago. It completely crashed and the tech was not able to retrieve anything from the memory. I kept the old thing around thinking maybe someday I'd have another tech try it out but I have yet to do so and I have gotten by just fine with out the "stuff" that was stored on this old computer so maybe I'll never give it a go. For years while in college I worked for a company building circuit boards. I think that putting all those pieces together day after day was partially to blame for the carpal tunnel surgery that I had to have done a few years ago. Anyway... that is just a random tidbit. I couldn't help but think of those "good ol days" when I took this photo.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Project 365 Day 101-104

Day 101 the prompt was Chicken. What is Easter without Peeps? Personally I have never really liked them and I am not sure which of my kids actually ate them and who threw them away. I had put them in sets of two in the kids baskets and Savannah pulled out her little baggie of the two and asked what kind of candy are these two little slippers. I thought it was pretty funny and when you have just two and look at them upside down they kind of do look like slippers.Day 102 was Religion. This is two pages of a little Easter booklet my friend Trina made for us about Christ's Last Week. We read a little each night for the entire week before Easter. It was a great little review of why we really have Easter. You can find the information HERE to make a book for yourself for next year.
Day 103 was Family and here they are watching our new DVD Bedtime Stories.
Today the prompt is Chocolate. Here is my favorite candy.... got this cute jar full from my neighbor, Teresa for my birthday as well as a refill bag (and an Easter Lilly) from another friend Kathy.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Project 365 Day 96-100 plus a little

I can not believe how fast the week went by! I hardly even did any scrapbooking this week either! I did do a quick photo book for my sister at Heritage Makers but other than that.... not much scrapping. I will have to find some time soon because I have some fun Creative Team kits to work with and I am having withdrawls lol. I don't even really know what I did that made my week disappear so fast. I was busy but I can't really show what I did. We have a busy weekend ahead and you probably all do too. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Here are my Project 365 Photos for the week.
Day 96 the prompt was "fun" and since I spent the day babysitting and doing laundry the most "fun" moment I could come up with was that the weather was gorgeous and we got out for a little walk.
Day 97 the prompt was "fold" so here is my coupon folder. Most of my Sunday coupon inserts I don't actually cut out but rather I store them in page sleeves with by date and then match them up with online listings of grocery store deals. There are some odds and ends though that I end up storing in this old stand by and of course when I do sort out what I want I like to put them in here for my store trips.
Day 98 was "fast" I am always looking for ideas to streamline my domestic duties. I love great meals that come together fast and I also love when I can get the house clean more quickly. I have LOVED the book House Works.
Day 99 the prompt was "Bunny." I almost didn't get these chocolate bunnies for the baskets this year but then I thought what the heck! I think they are almost a "must have" for Easter. So I found myself adding 4 of these to my cart.
Day 100 was "egg." I debated about a photo of cadburry mini eggs which are my favorite but decided on the Reese's eggs instead. These are another traditional "must have" basket stuffer. All my kids love them but I would have to say that Cheyenne loves them the most.

On Wednesday I joined the scouts for a canal cleaning project. I was reluctant to commit but then I figured I really ought to go help even if it didn't sound "fun." The boys expression in the photo doesn't show "fun" either but it actually wasn't all drudgery. the boys had a good time as they discovered junk to pick up and I enjoyed visiting with the other adults as I helped too.
So I have still been on the look out for great deals at the grocery store. I felt pretty good about this grocery store trip to Albertsons I made on Thursday this week. I spent $37.58 on all these things pictured and when my receipt printed out I got 3 free milk coupons as well as two 10% off $50 orders coupons for future purchases. Not bad for:
12 boxes of cereal
2 fabric softener
2 mayo
2 salad dressing
1 peanut butter
6 pasta sides
1 ham (8lb)
1 roast (3.5lb)
Real quick I want to give a little plug for this great chance to get a whole lot of scrapbooking goods for very little money at Scrap Orchard. Check it out by clicking here.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference & Project 365 Days 94 & 95

The kids did pretty good during conference. Eight hours of religious talks over a 2 day period can be a bit difficult for my rowdy bunch. I prepared ahead like I posted Friday and printed out some coloring books and workbooks for the kids to use during conference. We told the kids that if they did a good job on the workbook that we would all discuss the conference talks after they were over and then we could decide on a place to go out to dinner as a family later this week. The debate is still ongoing about where we will be going out to eat.
Another thing we did during the afternoon sessions was to select 6 topics and then the kids would assign one of the six treats to that topic. When that topic was mentioned they could get a snack.
Here is my photo for Day 94. The topic was Fragile. Carson hasn't even had his glasses for a year yet but he has broken them three times so far.
Here is my photo for Day 95. The topic was Fake. This is a CZ that I sometimes wear when I want a little bling.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Project 365 Day 93 and General Conference Prep

Today the photo prompt was "Fruit." Clayne took me to lunch at Applebee's but the photo was not too artistic so I gathered up the fresh fruit that I had here in my kitchen and took another shot.
I actually remembered to prepare before conference this year. Never mind that it is just the day before but I went and printed these two files out and have them ready for the kiddos to use during General Conference this weekend. I am really looking forward to listening to the council.
General Conference Packet
Conference Coloring Book

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Project 365 Day 91 & 92

Spring is trying so hard to some - Darn that snow! Here is the photo I took yesterday Day 91. I couldn't believe how many robins were in my yard and there were lots of them again this morning too. I took a dozen photos of them yesterday and liked this one best to share. I love the willows budding out on the tree and how the red just pops in this photo.So even though it was snowing today I decided to get out my Spring decoration and put the snowman away that I had next to my front door. Maybe that will give the signal to Mother Nature that I have had enough snow.... ya right... a girl can dream. So here is my photo for Day 92. I am getting back to the photo prompts they give at Scrap Orchard for Project 365 and today it was "Fence."

Easter Fun Ideas

I was watching Good Things Utah today and loved the ideas they showed for Easter. They had a segment about creating an Easter Egg Decorating Kit and I loved the idea of making smocks to cover the kiddos clothing while they died eggs. I always worry about the dye getting on their clothes and this is a great solution and so very cute too. At K McKay Designs web site you can also download some cute journaling cards to create a little Easter photo album. There are lots of other cute ideas on her site as well so scroll down while you are there. She is one crafty lady! I borrowed her image to place in this post to show you what fun stuff you will find at her site.
At the Studio 5 website you will find a section on Amazing Easter Eggs where you will find lots of fun ideas for creative egg decorating. With easter over a week away I think I can find some time to play around with these ideas and create some new fun this year.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin! Scrappy News

Stop by the Scrap Orchard and join the celebration! Be sure to visit the forums too and see the new challenges and stay up to date on other happenings for the month long celebration. Maybe now would be a good time to sign up for the newsletter if you haven't already done so. Back later with my Project 365.... I hope.