Sunday, April 19, 2009

Project 365 Day 107-109

Here I am again playing catch up on my Project 365. Taking the photos isn't usually the problem... it is getting them uploaded on my computer and posted on my blog. The photo prompt for day 107 was "rolling pin." I wasn't in the mood to be domestic and make a pie or cookies so I had Savannah do some play doh. She was happy to oblige me in my photo needs.
The prompt for day 108 was "photo album" and guess what. I don't even have any photo albums in my house lol. I always kept my photos in photo boxes like this one until I got them scrapbooked and then they were in the scrapbooks. Now that my passion is digital scrapbooking, I rarely delve into these boxes. I did get a great new negative scanner and am excited to turn all my old negatives into digital images so I can digital scrapbook them all too.The photo prompt for today was "take away." The first thing to mind was Morgan's math book that was sitting out. We have spent quite a bit of time this weekend tutoring him and having him redo some of his past assignments that he did poorly on. He is a very smart kid and math is one of his best subjects. He just got lazy on us and we let up. Guess we'll be buckling down on him again. What a stinker!