Friday, April 24, 2009

Project 365 Day 110-114

Yep.... Gonna catch up quick again. I am determined to stick with this Project!
Day 110 the prompt was alarm clock. Here is the time that it goes off 5 days out of 7 so I can go to the gym.
Day 111 Remote (used it today to watch Am. Idol)
Day 112 the prompt was Newspaper (Perfect day to shoot this since it is the day I wait for... Wednesday grocery ads)
Day 113 the prompt was Feet - I am determined to find flip flops that my stupid arches will like. Maybe these will be them! The color is right lol.
Day 114 the prompt is hands. I bought 10 dozen eggs today - they were a steal at 50 cents a doz. I think the stores had too many left from Easter. I put a dozen in a freezer bag and put the 10 bags into the freezer for future use as scrambled eggs or omelets.

1 comment:

Tera said...

I had no clue you could freeze eggs. I haven't seen you for over a year and I am still learning cooking tips.