Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Made A Grand!

Ok so I have had friends email and post asking me how the sale went and I just have to say that I so appreciate all of you for supporting me. If by chance you were unable to make it to my sale and still want to get in on some good deals just drop me an email or call me cuz I have some real great stuff left - still.

So here is how it went down. I worked very hard all week long getting ready for the big sale and just couldn't find enough time to do it all. I even ended up pulling an all nighter on Friday night and didn't go to bed at all. I was still taking supplies out to the garage at 7:40 am when my first customer arrived. I suppose I am just too old to be staying up all night cuz by noon I was whipped! My sale was supposed to go from 8 am to 4 pm but at noon I decided to shut the garage down and go to bed. I could hardly keep my eyes open let alone tally up the sales for people. I had a steady stream of customers in those 4 hours and made $1000! I was thrilled and tired at the same time.

I think I only sold about half of my stuff and like I said I didn't even have time to get it all out so I will likely be holding yet another sale later this summer. The next sale should be much easier since most of my supplies are all ready to go.

It was surprising to me how easy it was to just let it go. I thought I would be much more attached to my supplies. I originally had thought I would hold out my favorites as I gathered everything up. Instead I found that there were very few things that I really felt the need to keep. By the end of my long night I was ready to let it all go lol.

The feeling of real satisfaction was in going to the bank today to deposit the earnings into my savings account. I also was very pleased to talk with a gal who had come to my sale with her daughter. She told me all about how her daughter was busily scrapping with her new goods from my sale. It just felt good to know that by letting it go someone else was able to have the enjoyment I used to have with my scrapbook supplies.

Here are a few of the photos which I also had a request for. My house was such a wreck as I got ready for this. One of these photos shows my main living area. I wish I could say that my house was all back in order now, but I think it may take a week to recover lol. In my garage I had four rows of banquet tables that ran the length of the garage. They were filled with all kinds of scrapbook supplies - cardstock, pattern paper, embellishments, stamps, tools.... There is one photo here to just give an idea of how full the tables were. It really is hard to show in photos the massive quantity of supplies I had for sale. Finally I can say I am a recovering addict. However I find that as I recover from paper scrapping I now am addicted to digital scrapbooking. Is there any hope lol?


Shelly Brown said...

Oh my word, Good Job!

Me - Jen said...

WOW !! You go girl. Hey now you could hire a maid for a day to put your house back together!!

Tami said...

Garage sales are alot of work. But it sounds like yours was worth it!