Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grocery Deals - Week of October 29

We had our Stake Conference this last weekend and were challenged to live on the food we have in our homes for this week - no trips to the grocery store and no eating out. Since I already had 2 gallons of milk in the fridge and already stock my pantry well - we aren't skipping a beat while we meet this challenge. I will have to wait and hit any of this week's grocery sales until Monday but here they are for anyone who is not doing the challenge. I think it is a good thing to do though just to see if you are prepared. It got me thinking about what things I may want to add to my food storage.

Lots of buy one get one free on meat packages, doritos chips, Land O'Frost lunch meat, etc.

$1.88 General Mills cereal, Fiber one bars, toaster pastries, Betty C Fruit Snacks
$1.79 Albertson's 12 pack sodas, Albertson's chips

The following are 4 days only (wed-sat)
5/$13 when you buy 4 and get one free Coca-cola 12 packs
4/$13 Pepsi 12 packs
also sale prices for these 4 days on bakery holiday cakes and cupcakes
Some sea food and steaks on sale these 4 days as well (still more than I would want to pay for these items so I am not listing prices)

$1.69/lb Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
$4.99/lb Boneless new york steak
$1.79/lb Spiral sliced half ham
99cents/lb red seedless grapes

8 hour sale on oct 30 3pm-11pm
59 cents Big K 2 liter soda
$1.29 Fritos or Cheetos
a few other items like hotdog buns and oscar mayer hotdogs
5/$13 when you buy 5 Coca-cola 12 packs

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C H R I S T I N E said...

I'll be stocking up on coke products. As always, thanks so much!