Friday, November 7, 2008

The Preamble

Here is a Flashback Friday for my readers. You are as old as I am if you remember watching this and others in this series durring Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. Cheyenne was working on a poster about the preamble this month for her government class and when I sang this little tune over her shoulder she looked at me shocked and asked how I knew it. Guess they had watched this in her class. They had also watched the "I'm just a bill" clip. Remember that one too? Enjoy!

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Me - Jen said...

Tiff, I have never heard of it, and the fact you can still sing it is quite impressive. Knowing me I skipped class the day they showed this and went top the local donut store for donuts and coffee!! In my defensive you are older than me, what by like a year!