Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Grocery Deals - Week of July 2


The store in Ammon is celebrating a remodel grand opening and has a few deals that are today only.
$2.29 Gallon milk (limit 2)

$2.49/lb petite sirloin steak
$1.69/lb boneless skinless chicken breasts
$1.99 12 pack Pepsi or Coca-Cola products (limit 2)
6 cents off gallon gas
Sorry I can't remember what else is today only lol. Go fight the crowds if you want the deal.

The following deals are for today, Thurs and Fri only
25 cents each Fresh Sweet Corn (first 10)
$1.88/lb extra lean ground beef
$2.99/lb Pork loin baby back ribs
$4.48/lb arctic shored cooked and peeled shrimp
96 cents/lb grapes
$1.99 Albertsons ice cream
10/$10 Bush's baked beans
$1.25 12 pack Albertsons soda

The following deals I am pretty sure are for the whole week and are buy one get one free

Beef round rump roast or bottom round steaks
Beef cross rib steak or roast
Steakhouse choice premium angus beef eye of round roast or steak
Boneless pork shoulder country style ribs
Boneless pork sirloin chops
Hormel pork loin fillets
Contessa shrimp entrees
Arctic shores or Albertsons cooked shrimp ring
Albertsons fish sticks or breaded fillets

10/$10 Pepperidge farm goldfish snack crackers
$2.99 24 pack spring water
39 cents/lb cantaloupe
$2.99/lb Petite sirloin steak


$1.69/lb Pork spareribs
$5.49/lb Rib eye steak
50% off beef hot dogs
$9.99/5 lb bag Tilamook Shredded Medium Cheddar
$1.77 Doritos or Cheetos
10/$10 Cottage cheese, sour cream or dip
10/$10 Smith's hot dog or hamb buns
10/$10 Cool classics novelties


Emily said...

Thanks for always taking time to type the deals. Love all your updated scrapbook stuff you are doing. You are so talented!

C H R I S T I N E said...

Just got back from the Ammon Albertson's. Got some great deals, spent less than I saved, but plan on standing in line for 40 mins or more. Don't take your kids with you.