Thursday, May 21, 2009

Project 365 Week 20 & some other stuff too

Wow the time just flies doesn't it? I can't believe that school will be out in just 2 weeks. I'm gonna have to get some fun things planned for the kids and I to do. I have been keeping busy this week with several trips to Albertsons. They are having double coupons this week and I have scored on some excellent buys. I have gotten several things for FREE and several things for very cheep. I am ready for Smore making season this summer lol. They have a deal where if you buy a 6pack package of Hershey chocolate bars (yep full size bars!) a pack of Nabisco graham crackers and a package of Kraft marshmallows you get an instant rebate of $3 off at the register which makes them just $4 for all 3 products... but if you go to the Kraft Foods website and register you can print a coupon for $1 off the graham crackers and then you can pair it with a doubler coupon and get all three products for just $2. If you happen to get the Sunday paper coupon insert there was a $1 off coupon for these 3 items as well so you could just use that if you don't want to print the coupon on the website. Hope that makes sense. For me I know it made perfect cents lol! I don't know how it worked out... but maybe the prices are cheaper at our Albies cuz my total was actually a little less than $2 for these items. Ok... enough babling but I just can't stand it when I find a great deal lol! Here is my Project 365 page for the week. I do think I like it better to take the pressure off myself and just post weekly for this project. I plan to print all my project pages in a book at the end of the year and so I am making the two pages that are side by side to match. Credits for this page are just the same as the ones for week 19 in my previous post.Here are a few of the products that I have had the chance to work with on my Creative Teams this past week too. Both layouts feature my cute niece, Megan. I think I better scrap a few pages of my own kids lol. Lately I scrap her more than I do my own kids. Babies are just too fun to scrap! I don't have to list credits since all I used were the kits. The kit images are clickable to go to Scrap Orchard and purchase them if you are interested.

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