Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School and Busy Bee

So school started today for my kids and soon they will be coming home and I can't believe how fast the day has gone! I wanted to do a cute post with their back to school pictures I snapped this morning but I haven't even found the time to do that yet. I have lots of plans for how I will be spending my days when they are at school and I just hope that even half of it can really happen lol. Poor Savannah had a fever of 103.3 yesterday and was even still warm this morning but insisted on spending her first day at school and not at home sick - so I gave her a dose of Tylenol and sent her on her way. All day I have waited for the school to call me and tell me to come get her. I just hope she had a good day despite not feeling 100%. I plan on making her take a little nap when she gets off the bus. Anyway.... just another quick post and a little announcement for anyone who is looking to join a forum for digital scrapbooking. Scrap Orchard is a wonderful place to hang out and they are going to have a fun contest starting tomorrow. Click the image to go to the forums.

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Jedd and Kathi Bodily said...

Enough with the scrapbook stuff already... I want to see more family stuff. You know like pictures of awesome Uncles.