Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yep... I did some sewing today. I don't do very much sewing but I have seen a few people sporting these darling camera straps and then happened across a tutorial online and thought... hey I can do that! If you want to do it too then to to I Heart Faces HERE and check out the tutorial for yourself. I ended up making two different ones. FUN!

As I was surfing around I saw this darling project and snagged a photo from the blog Noodlehead to show you. WAY cute!!! I think I want to try and take on this project sometime soon. She is such a talented gal and shares the tutorial on her blog if you want to take a peek HERE. I think I just may be getting my machine out a little more often. When I went to JoAnn fabrics they had soooo many darling prints.


Kiama Dawson said...

Hey, you may not remember me, but I'm the one you ran into at Joann's Saturday (with the baby bibs) When you told me you were making camera straps I couldn't picture them, but they turned out awesome!!! WOW! And I LOVE your colors! Unfortunetly, I haven't been able to do anything with the material that I just bought, but I am definetly looking forward to Monday, which I have now dedicated as a sewing day. You'll have to check back in a few days when I post some pictures of the new ones I am going to make; I am sure they will be amazing!!! What a fun blog! I'm so glad you shared!

Kiama Dawson said...

oops... I forgot to leave you a link to my baby bib blog, although I am sure you could find it through my name.
Check it out.