Sunday, January 13, 2008

All about Digital

I have to tell you that I am loving digital scrapbooking. I know that this is not news to many of you. I have always loved scrapbooking but digital is my newest and most enjoyable hobby. I love that there is no mess to clean up. I don't think I'll ever go back to paper, scissors and all that "stuff" again. I am going to be sorting through it all so that I can sell what I can to recoup any money I can for all the $$ I have put into it all these years. I think it will be awesome to never have to try and organize and store it again. My scrap room is always a mess and organizing it all has been an ongoing project. Just when I think I am getting somewhere with it I decide there is a better way. Well, I think this is the best way yet... just get rid of it and let my new way be on the computer. With that said....

Digital Scrapbook Links

I want to draw your attention to the new listing I have added to the side column on my blog. It is all for digital scrapbooking links. I decided to give them their own place on my blog so that you can always find them for easy reference. Let me tell you a little about these links. I love collecting free digital downloads off the internet and here are some fun links for you to check out if you want to get some freebies too. This is the main one that I use but it has a lot and so if it is too overwhelming just look at the next one This one has a smaller listing but usually they are all ones that interest me, she is big on using templates and I like them too. Not as user friendly but often has a few that the others miss. This is one that I found most recently and love the idea that I can find things there according to category at any time.

My Layout Gallery

There is also a link for my scrapbook layouts in the gallery at Digital Candy. You can click there to see many of my layouts and that way I won't feel the "need" to post them all on my blog - although I will still share some of them here too because I just can't help myself lol. You can click on each layout at the gallery to see credits (where I got the stuff to make the layout) and other information about the layout. Hope you'll enjoy looking.

Fun News

I have been anxious to share this news for a while but needed to wait until the Creative Team was announced officially. I was asked by Angela Niehaus to be on her team.

I just can't seem to stay away from working in the scrapbook field lol. I have only been at it for about a week but I am really enjoying it so far. Here are two layouts I have completed so far using her kit Smitten.


Emily said...

Wow Tiff-you have been working hard. I need to experiment a little more with digital. I think it would be fun!
Congrats on the new gig.

Shelly Brown said...

That's so great Tiffany! And I love that smitten kit. It is dang cute!

ME!!! said...

Good for you !! Congrats on the team!! Your pages look awesome you have come along way. I am so excited for you. I bet Clayne is excited for the scrapbook room mess to go away!! LOL!!

Joanna said...

Congrats on your new creative team appointment. That's awesome!

And I totally agree with you about the mess of regular scrapping - there are times it seems to take over my life :)

C H R I S T I N E said...

I love that picture of you can Clayne. So cute! I wanted to say thank you again for posting the grocery deals. Last night I hurried and went to Albertson's to get all their great deals on Quaker. My girls eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast and love it!

Hilary said...

congrats, Tiffany! No surprise! You are so good!