Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Clayne

He's the double 4 now. He's the calm to my crazy and the relax to my stress. He makes me a better person just by having him in my life. I'm so lucky that he's mine. He is a wonderful father to our children and a very hard worker. No he doesn't write poetry or sing but he lets me know he loves me every day by his actions and words.


Joanna said...

Happy birthday!

I have to tell you around our house we call your hubby "Cleave".

When we lived in Idaho we ran into Clayne at Home Depot or some place like that. Cory and I had just been over to your house to work on insurance I think it was, and we chatted for a few minutes and then said good-bye.

Cory said "See ya Cleave".

When we got to the car I said, "What did you just call Clayne?"

Cory was confused and said, "His name's Cleave isn't it? That was all I could think of".

Anyway - it doesn't sound funny as I type it - but at the time we laughed and laughed and laughed. And today if you asked Cory what your husband's name is he would probably start giggling.

So Cleave, Clayne - whatever your name is - have a great birthday :)

Hilary said...

cute post, Tiffany! No poetry?! What a shame! LOL!