Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I learned something new at Kindergarten this week lol. Just goes to show that you can learn something new everyday and sometimes in the least likely of places. When I showed up to help in Centers in Savannah's class yesterday, the kids were gathered on the rug for story time and Mrs. Merkley was telling them a story. One of the things she told them in the story was what the X and O stood for when someone signs a letter with XOXOX. She said that the X was for kisses and the O was for hugs. I asked her if this were really so because all of my life I have thought it was the other way around. She said that it was the way that she had always known it and the other mom that was helping also had always known it the way the book stated. Goodness!!! I think it is funny when I am wrong on something like this. Anyway... just for fun I did a search on the net and found the following trivia on the subject:

Q: How did X's and O's become hugs and kisses when writing notes? What stands for what?

A: Because X is... supposedly like the shape your mouth makes puckered up and kissing, and O is the shape of your arms around someone.

A: This tradition started with the Medieval practice of allowing those who could not write to sign documents with an "X". This was done before witnesses, and the signer placed a kiss upon the "X" to show sincerity. This is how the kiss came to be synonymous with the letter "X", and how the "X" came to be commonly used at the end of letters as kiss symbols.

A: The X represent two people kissing. Each side represents a person, like > and < Put them together and you get the symbol for kiss, X.

Now be honest with me please lol. Where any of you wrong on what the X and O stand for or am I the only one? Guess that's what happens when you get your education in Malad lol.

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