Monday, August 25, 2008

Find Your Wings - Mark Harris

This song came on the radio on my way home from the gym this morning and I have to admit that I actually got a bit teary-eyed. For weeks now I have been looking forward to getting all of my kids off to school for some time alone at home to get things done. But I have to admit that I can get a bit nostalgic when I realize that my oldest is now 13 and my baby is 6. Hope this song will remind you of your wishes for your children too as they enter this new school year.


Janiel said...

Yep, thats a tear jerker!!!
Thanks for reminding me not to wish away the years!

Anonymous said...

My son will go off to school tomorrow as a high school junior - i've had a few teary moments already. It is all going too fast for me.

I love this song and hope to pull it out near graduation to let him know just how i'm feeling.

Shelly Brown said...

oh great...i hadn't shed a tear about school sarting until I heard this! Jeesh! ;) It's a great song though!