Friday, August 29, 2008

Just Catching Up a Bit

This is going to be a fairly lengthy post - I am making up for not blogging much this summer - but I hope you will stick with me. Just scroll to whatever interests you.
This Month:
I have two new Nephews. Congratulations to Clayne's sister Kami and her husband Brad. Aren't they darling!

Nathan Larry Weight: 6 pounds and 15 ounces Length: 20 inches Time: 12:00 am Date: Monday, August 11, 2008 & Adam Paul Weight: 4 pounds and 13 ounces Length: 18 1/2 inches Time: 12:00 am Date: Monday, August 11, 2008. I'm so glad that they are here healthy and well. I just wish that they lived near by so I could love on them.

This Week:
School started. I am loving the quite hours I have at home alone. So far I can't say that I have completed any monumental tasks but I am making some progress on getting my house clean from a whole summer of neglect. One of the best things about being back to school is being back on a routine. I am loving having all the kids in their rooms by 9 each night and actually getting to bed by 10:30 myself! Getting up for the gym at 5:20 am this summer was really hard after staying up late night after night. I am feeling much more rested already!

When the kids left for school that morning I told Savannah to be sure to think about what her favorite part of the day was so that when she got home she could tell me all about it. I met the kids at the bus stop that day and she was bursting with excitement. When I asked her what she liked best she said, "I LOVED IT ALL!"

Savannah - First Grade! Age 6

Carson enthusiastically told me, "I really like my teacher. She is nice." I actually had a little time with them off to school to make a scrapbook page with his first day of school picture.
(Credits: Scrap Orchard September Mystery Mega , Stapes by Bren Boone, Font- Wendy Sue)

Carson - Fourth Grade! Age 9
Morgan's report on his first day of school was, "School was really fun. We pretty much just played games the whole day!" He has also loved it that for this first week of school he has had no homework. I am sure that won't last.

Morgan - Fifth Grade! Age 10

Cheyenne burst through the door and said, "I loved my first day. I am friends with everyone in the school." I am thinking that may be a slight exaggeration but I am happy for her positive attitude and her desire to be friends with all. I had time to make her first day of school photo into a layout this week too. Isn't she gorgeous? YIKES!

(Credits: If Only In My Dreams by Ziggle Designs, Pineapple Plantation and Bren Boone, Font - Wilderness)
Cheyenne Eighth Grade! Age 13

Right Now:

I am babysitting my sweet niece Megan. She is almost months old now and she is such a darling. I enjoy having her keep me company once a week. Usually I have her on Mondays but once in a while it will be a different day of the week. This week it was nice to have her on a different day than Monday since it was the first day of school and there was already a lot going on. This is my 6th week of babysitting her and so far she has only been naughty one of the days she was here. She is a pretty good baby.

Later Today:

I am planning to attend an online speed scrap at the Scrap Orchard. If you enjoy digital scrapbooking and would like to join in the fun, please do. It is at 7 pm Eastern or 5 pm our time (Mountain). For the first hour you are given instructions every 10 minutes or so and you follow along with the instructions given and create a layout in the hour. They are nice and give you an additional hour after all the instructions are posted to finish up your page and to upload it in the gallery. For participating in the crop and completing the layout you are then rewarded with a free gorgeous mini kit by Ziggle Designs. If you want to attend the crop join us in the forum here. Following the speed scrap there will be a chat where you may get lucky and win some more free goodies. The chat starts at 9 pm Eastern. Here is the participation prize. Cute huh?

Ok and while I am talking up Scrap Orchard I have to tell ya that the September Mega is available now. I used it to create that cute page of Carson at the bus stop above. It is a huge kit for just $3. The contents of the kit will be revealed on the 7th of Sept, but then the price goes up to $10. So take a chance and surprise yourself with this kit. Pick it up while it is cheap and then see what is inside for yourself. You will love it. Click on the image below to go get it. While you are at the Orchard be sure to check out the Farmer's Market (click on the image below to go to the Farmer's Market) where select items are on sale for just $1. Very cute stuff for such a great price. And if that isn't enough there is another promotional sale going on that you can read about below too.

I know it is hard to read that small print. It says "Excludes commercial use, charity, farmer's market and mystery mega" but there are still plenty of other items that it is good for so go shop.


Emily said...

Thanks for the catch up. It sounds like the first week of school went well!

Tami said...

Your kids look cute! All of them have a great outlook on school. Enjoy your time at home alone!

Hilary said...

your first day of school pictures and layouts are very cute!

congrats on the new nephews!!