Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Removing Moisture From a Watch

Ok I really do enjoy the Rocks in my dryer site and now that the kids are back in school I am hopeful that I will be able to post a helpful tip each week. Today's tip:

Removing Moisture From a Watch

This summer Clayne got some water in his favorite watch. It was just a little bit of moisture under the face plate and it made it hard to clearly see the time. His watch isn't the cheapo WalMart type so I really wanted to try and save it. We placed the watch in a mason jar full of uncooked rice with a tight lid and in about 24 hours the rice had absorbed the moisture from his watch and it is as good as new. Clayne has a co-worker that removed water from a cell phone in a like manner and had good results. Hope this proves helpful to others too. Have a great day. For more helpful tips and ideas visit


Mom2fur said...

I have an instant-read thermometer that was left out in the rain. I'm going to try this trick to see if I can save it. Brilliant!

Bethany said...

What a great tip! I'm gonna have to try it sometime when I need something de-moisturized - Ha! Thanks for sharing :)