Friday, September 25, 2009

Clayne and I are on vacation

Clayne and I are spending a week here celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. It has been fun so far. My sister Chelsea is staying with the kids while we are here. She is awesome! We have checked in daily and things seem to be going ok at home other than Carson running a fever and missing a little school. The school had a little trouble tracking down who could come get him and care for him and I am thankful for good neighbors who helped out since Chelsea was at work and we were hundreds of miles away. Well.... I am going to head out to this "big" town and have a walk-about. The heart of this town is about 4x6 blocks so it doesn't take long lol. We have already walked it several times - but it is fun anyway. I think we'll pick up a few souvineers for the kids today.


Tera said...

Fun Fun!!

Heather said...

Happy 20th! Looks like you guys had a great time!