Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Dinner Menu

Ok I have it narrowed down. The kids will get a menu with only the creative names listed in hopes that when they order it will be all out of order. They may get dessert first, they may get no utensils to eat with when they need them, etc. It just adds to the fun. All of the food items are showcased in my previous post unless otherwise noted. I have the items divided up in this post just so you get an idea of what is main course, appetizer, dessert, and so on. On the menu they will be all mixed up to throw the kids off in making their selections. I'm guessing we will be having our dinner at 4:30ish on Saturday but I need to be sure that it works for all my kids so that they can all enjoy the fun. I plan to take lots of pictures and hope to be able to show you how it all turned out. If you decide to host a dinner like this I'd love to hear your ideas too.

knife - spooky slasher
spoon - grave digger
fork - devil's staff
napkin - corpse bride's veil

mummy dogs - curse of the mummy
pizza mummies - entombed skull
chicken wings - bat wings (probably from the deli or in the freezer section)
ketchup - vampire kiss
drink - cauldron chiller (some kind of beverage - whatever I grab in the soda isle)

bread sticks & marinara sauce - blood & bones (see this item at Our Best Bites)
mini dill pickles - frankies fingers (frankenstein)
cheesy fingers - lost digits
apple slices - monster jaws
ghost crackers - haunted boo
carrot/olive appetizer - edible eyeballs
pretzel sticks - boogers on a stick (find this item at Halloween Is Here)

candy corn pudding - corny treat
spider cookies - spider's web


Tera said...

You are still creative!! Looks like fun.

SuiKim Friedmann said...

LOVE your dinner ideas! Happy Halloween!!