Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween FUN!

I hardly know where to start with this Halloween themed post. Every year I like to have a special Halloween dinner for my kids. They always look forward to it & we have lots of fun with it. We serve 18 items in 3 courses and the kids write their 6 selections down for each course not having any idea what it is that they are ordering. Since we have now been doing it for several years, they have started to figure out what all the items are on the secret menu. So this year I went on a search on the internet for some new ideas & I must say I was not disappointed. I found more ideas than I will ever be able to use but I will share the ideas I am going to use and then some of the ideas that I found that were just too fun to not share. For starters, I needed some new theme music for our Halloween dinner and I was able to find a great free download of 31 tracks of creepy music at this site, Oddio Overplay.

I'm still narrowing down my 18 items for my Halloween Dinner Menu but will be back with another post when I have my decision made.

Candy Corn Pudding from Paper Jewels
Butterscotch on the bottom, vanilla (dyed with yellow food coloring) in the middle, whipped topping on top. (Make this kid friendly by using clear plastic tumblers.)
Scroll down on her blog to see the darling Ghost Grub she shared. CUTE!
Do you want more candy corn themed ideas? Skip To My Lou had some fun ones & if you are a scrapper/paper crafter - you are especially going to enjoy her ideas. I'm thinking it might be fun to dress up the beverages at our meal like this.

I only wish that there were a better balance of food ideas out there - there are way too many cute dessert ideas out there for me to reasonably serve. The kids will be getting plenty of sugar with their trick-or-treating so I can't give in to my temptation to serve too many of these cute goodies. These and other fun spider ideas can be found at Bakerella.

Although this is not something they would be eating... I do think my kids would get a huge kick out of these and I hope to find some time to make some this week with them and then we can use them as a centerpiece for our dinner. This idea can be found at Our Best Bites - I LOVE this site! Aren't these shrunken heads made from apples fun!

Here are some food ideas that I will be using on the menu from Our Best Bites. There are lots more fabulous ideas over there so be sure to check it out for yourself.
Mummy Dogs:
Monster Jaws:Cheesy Fingers:
Kraft Foods - I am going to use the ghost crackers
Family Fun had this cute idea of Mummy Pizzas as well as these edible eyes made of carrots & olives. They had lots more for you to look at too.
I thought these eyeball tacos on the Food Channel were just too fun and we may have to do them another year since I am going to go with the pizzas and hotdogs this year.

Are you in the mood for spaghetti? Here is a spooky one where the meatballs are made to look like eyeballs and a cute one.
From About.com
From Hostess with the Mostess
In addition to this spaghetti be sure to visit this site for some more fantastic photos of ideas. I love the ribs, burgers, coffins... heck it was all very cute!

Some other sites that I found some fun ideas on were:
Epicurious - a cute mummy meatloaf
She Knows Parties - what an extensive list she has compiled for over 50 ideas for Halloween parties

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Janiel said...

What fun, fun ideas. Thanks for sharing and please let us know what you narrow it down to. What a hard job!