Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grocery Deals - week of Feb 27


16 oz Cottage cheese, sour cream or dips
Nabisco snack saks and pringles chips
18 oz peter pan peanut butter
Aquafresh, pepsodent or close up toothpaste
little debbie snack cakes
kleenex facial tissue

$1.69 lb extra lean ground beef
$1.89 lb whole pork loin
$2.99 lb petite cut sirloin steak
3/$6 frito lay tostitos
2/$3 keebler fudge shoppe cookies


$1.79 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders

10/$7 after instant rebate on the following:
duncan hines cake mix
hidden valley ranch salad dressing or dip mix
bird's eye steam fresh vegies
spring 6 pack water bottles
sunny d punch
mcCormick foil seasoning select varieties
tabasco sauce
la victoria enchilada sauce or diced green chiles

5/$7 after instant rebate on the following:
dole all natural fruit
mcCormick seasoning grinders
oscar mayer deli style lunch meat
oscar mayer lunchables
kc masterpiece bbq sauce
post honey bunches of oats, fruity pebbles, honey comb or golden crisp
nabisco cheese nips
welch's grape jelly or jam
kool aid jammers drink pouches

4/$7 after instant rebate on the following:
planters dry roasted or cocktail peanuts
brawny napkins
pine-sol liquid cleaner
glad zipper storage bags
clorox disinfecting wipes
409 all purpose cleaner
glad press and seal wrap
clorox bathroom cleaner
hidden valley ranch salad dressing
nabisco ritz crackers
chips ahoy cookies
nabisco 100 cal packs
gladware storage containers
nestle ready to bake cookies
florida's natural orange joice
vlasic pickles

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