Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day and some chatter

I wish there was a convenient way to let you know about good deals on groceries at Winco because that is where I do a majority of my shopping. When I do see a good deal there, I never know how long it will be on sale for. Anyway... with that said, they have a great deal on Cheerios right now. 97 cents for a big 14 oz box - limit of 2. They also have some of their canned veggies on for I think 25 cents a can but again it is a limit of 2. I'm sure there are more deals than I can mention or remember lol.

Here is the last update on our water damage. We finally have all the fans out of here. The walls are dry, the carpet pad has been replaced and our carpet has been relaid. There will be a little cosmetic painting that I'll need to do this spring but I count myself blessed that we were able to get away from this problem with this little of repair work. Don't know what the cost will be for All American renting the fans and putting the carpet down again, but I am just glad that the fans aren't going anymore - they were noisey and even more happy that we have things back in place again.

I want to share with you something I downloaded off the internet yesterday called UnZipThemAll It is going to save me so much time with unzipping my digi scrap downloads. It is a stand alone program that works on its own and is free. I love that if I have all of my zips in the same folder, both .zip and .rar, that I can direct the program to that folder and it will highlight all of the files for me. All I have to do is click to start and it will unzip all of the multiple zip files at once. Afterwards, the folder will have two files for each (the original zip and the unzipped). It's just a few clicks and I'm on my way to sorting my files. I hope you will all find this to be as helpful as I am finding it. I couldn't resist letting you know about something that has simplified my life. I love anything that makes my life easier lol.

Since it is Valentine's Day I thought I'd share something on that subject from Woman's Day magazine (Meredith L. Ritchie). They had a little tidbit about how to write a love letter. They suggest that each letter should be unique and tailored to the recipient. Here are some suggestions

  • Make sure the letter is about what you have to say, not what Hallmark has to say.
  • Start with a list of adjectives that describe everything you love about your man, then use the list to craft the letter. Or just pretend that you are writing a thank-you note and thank him for all he does.
  • Point out the length of your relationship and how your feelings have grown over time.
  • You can compliment the usual subjects like hair, eyes and lips, but praise them in a new way. A nice line is, "Your smile is my favorite distraction."
  • Make use of those silly disagreements or everyday annoyances: "I love you in spite of your snoring."

Here is your big chance to write your own Valentine for your husband. There is still time to get it done. I need to take a bit of my afternoon and do this too. I gave him his gift early. I couldn't wait to show him the Heritage Makers book I made. It is titled, "The Story of Us" and starts from when we were engaged and marks the milestones in our lives from then until now. It is a fun book to see how we have changed in the last almost 19 years. I'll try to get some pages up on my blog in the next week to let you have a peak. Clayne brought me a beautiful arrangement of flowers yesterday and today we will be meeting at the temple to do sealings. I think that is a great way to spend time together on Valentine's day and I am thankful for the opportunity.

Tonight I will take a break from cooking and pick up some of those fun heart shaped pizzas at Papa Murphy's for dinner. Hope you are all having a great Valentine's day.


Teresa said...

Thanks for the love letter tips! Can't wait to try them out on my man.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the love letter tips! Can't wait to try them out on my man.

Emily said...

Good Post. Lost of fun information!