Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Winter Woes and Worries

Ok now for my life drama. My sister came over yesterday to have me help her work on a digital project and we were scanning in some pics. My scanner is in another room and when we went in there we found that the carpet was wet. Turns out we have a water leak problem in our house. I have had to pull up carpet in two rooms and have pulled up over a gallon of water with my carpet cleaner. We have calls in to a few places to get someone to come over and help us figure out what the problem is. Our closest guess right now is that the water is coming from the roof. We have a huge ice pack up there about 12 inches thick and it seems to be melting and leaking down through the wall. The walls are dry so far. But we can see that water comes at the base of the walls after we clean it up and wait a bit there is more water. This is in the two rooms next to outside walls on the front of our house upstairs. In our basement we don't seem to have any water at this point. It is so frustrating and I feel at a loss as to what to do about it. Clayne was up on the roof last night trying to dislodge some of the ice and shovel off some snow. The fact that it snowed again here this morning doesn't help.

I am trying to be patient and not stress too much before we get someone in here to tell us what to do. I had a migraine last night and haven't had a full blown one for a few years so that tells you how stressed I am. One of the rooms effected happens to be Cheyenne's and she is acting like I am ripping up her room just to make her life miserable. This does not help my stress situation. I just want to slap her lol. I am not going to though. The carpet and pad is only 6 months old to top it all off.

Anyway....STRESS!!!!!! I'll lyk what we find out. Hope you have a good day.


Emily said...

Oh No, That is major stress. No fun at all. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

Post-it Notes said...

Oh No!! Thats terrible. Hopefully its not too bad!! All this snow is not helping at all Im sure!