Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Weekend

A New Van
After over a week of searching and test driving we found our "new" Dodge Caravan 2007 and brought it home on Saturday. Our old green one had 145,000 miles on it and so we decided we better upgrade before our upcoming summer vacations. It sure is nice to have automatic windows and locks. I know it sounds funny to be excited about that but I am lol. Sure I would have loved to have lost the stigma of driving a mini van but being the thrifty gal I am I realized it was the best choice for our budget.


That same day Clayne and Morgan traveled to Salt Lake to watch the Jazz game. Clayne had received awesome VIP tickets from his boss and knew that Morgan would appreciate the game more than I would so off they went. Clayne asked if he should take the new van for the trip but then decided to just take his Jeep. He told me to expect him home about 10 am on Sunday morning. They were staying over with his sister Glenna after the game.

On Sunday morning at about 9:30 Clayne called. I could hear the sirens in the background and suddenly my heart was in my throat and my eyes filled with tears. They had hit a patch of ice on the interstate near McCammon and had spun around several times (Clayne can't remember how many) before the jeep went off the road and landed on the driver's side. Morgan has not one bump or bruise to show for it. Clayne is a bit stiff and sore on his left hip and shoulder when he landed on the door and arm rest. We feel so blessed and fortunate that they were both safe from harm and injury. I realized how very quickly my entire life could have changed with the possibility of one of them being injured or even dead. I was sure glad to see them when they arrived home.

There was a really nice couple that were headed to Montana and they waited with Clayne and Morgan for the tow truck and then took them to Inkom where the Jeep was towed so that they could get their things out of the jeep. They then drove them home to our house. That couple have my eternal gratitude and I am sure will receive blessings for their kindness. We are now waiting for the insurance to determine the outcome on the Jeep. Since it was 12 years old we are expecting that it will be totaled. This just after spending $700 a few weeks ago on repairs on it. Murphy's law huh? I told Clayne that if he was that jealous that I had new wheels, all he had to do was ask for some new ones too. He said that he certainly wouldn't have thought to almost kill himself and his son to do so either. Thankfully, we are all healthy and well and so grateful for our lives we are able to share together. Stop for a moment today and give your husband and children an extra hug and kiss and then be sure to thank your Heavenly Father for the blessing of having them in your life.
Oh and one more thing I almost forgot to share... The first thing Morgan said when he came through the door was, "The game was awesome!" I found this to be so endearing after what he had just been through. I loved it that the memory he will have of the trip will not be the accident but the fun time he shared with is dad at the game.


Me - Jen said...

AAAHHHH !! I am so glad everyone is OK, how very scarey!! And if it doesn't sound awful in the same sentence, CONGRATS on the Wini-Man.

Wendy Sue said...

Oh my gosh - I'm so glad they were okay. I hate driving in the winter...and I hate having people I know drive in the winter...this is why!!!

We did the same thing with our van - we "upgraded" from our old green dodge to a new dodge caravan. Brad is especially a fan...I like that we all fit comfortably...and that it's almost paid off! ;o) You'll enjoy the stow & go! :o)

Emily said...

I am glad that they were o.k. Congrats on the new Mini Van. It looks nice

ChrissyW said...

oh WOW!!! so glad they are ok!! and congrats on the new van!!!

Hilary said...

SCARY!!! What a miracle and blessing it turned out okay...

I love your new red van!!! :O)

Ali said...

Oh my goodness! I'm just barely catching up on blogs, and to find this!! How scary for you, it makes me sick to think about how nervous you must have been.... I'm so happy that everyone is okay, and I laughed out loud at your humor involved with Clayne, and wanting a new car! Okay the new red van is sassy! You'll love it..