Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grocery Deals - Week of June 18


$2.99/lb Petite sirloin steak
$1.49/lb Pork spareribs or bone in country style ribs
2/$3 1 lb pkg. Strawberries
4/$5 Doz. large eggs or Kraft phil. cream cheese
10/$10 cool classics ice cream novelties
39 cents/lb seeded watermelon


99 cents/lb red, green or black seedless grapes
$1.69/lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts or tenders
$1.19 ea. box of General mills cereal when you buy 2 gallons of milk (up to 5 boxes at this price)
$1.88/lb beef round rump roast, beef chuck roast, pork spare ribs, thick sliced bacon, pork shoulder country style ribs - boneless

How did my second scrapbooking garage sale go?

Well I had my second garage sale this past Saturday and I made another grand. Yep $1000. So that was pretty cool that for each of my two sales I could make a grand on each one. I have been using the money to build up our food storage and then some of it will go towards our family reunion trip to the Oregon coast this summer. Better than just having a bunch of paper supplies that I don't use.


Murdock Family said...

Hey that's awesome that you made so much money on your scrapbook sale. When are you going to Oregon. We're going to the Oregon Coast July 19-26. We're excited it's going to be so fun!!

Heather said...

Holy Cow!!! Way to be an industrious woman! That's great- except that I totally forgot you were doing it, I wanted to stop by!!!!!!!

Are you sure you were off-loading some furniture? Thousand dollars is well worth 4-5 hours of garage sale time