Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ready for Summer?

Holy Cow I can't believe the kids are at their last day of school today. I want this summer to be FABULOUS! I don't want to spend the whole time bugging my kids about their chores or hearing them say they are bored. I want to feel like we have created some fun memories by the end of the summer. So I have been on the look out for fun ideas and here are just a few things that I have come across so far.

I was watching Good Things Utah earlier this week and they had a fun segment that gave ideas for the whole month of June for things to do as a family. Click HERE. One of the many activities was a family cam pout in the back yard. We have done this before but it has been a few years since Clayne and I joined the kids in sleeping out back. We usually save the tent event for when we really have to do it since we both like our own bed too much to give in - but this year we will do the backyard tent event. I will definitely be checking into the Utah Mama site for more ideas.

Another segment they had on Good Things Utah this week (but I didn't watch this one - found it on their site) was about Summer Work Standards I agree that kids need to know what is expected of them during the summer. They focus on three areas - Neatness Standards, Household Skills, and Reading Opportunities.

Clayne and I have already been talking to the kids about some of our expectations over the summer. Here are a few of our "rules." They will not be allowed to leave the house to play with friends or whatever until they have made their beds, cleaned their rooms and finished any of their chores on the job chart. After their chores they will need to read for at least 20 minutes as well before they are free to go. They must inform us of where they are going and what they are going to be doing and before they leave that location to go to another they must again check in to let us know. The family will gather at 9 PM for scriptures and bedtime prayers. So far that is our list and as we see any problems arise - we of course have the right to make more rules lol.

Of course since the kids will be reading anyway - we will be making a trip to the library to sign up for the summer reading program. The kids may as well pick up a few prizes along the way.

I love to visit The Daily Digi site and this week they too had a summer idea post. Click HERE to check it out. This post has a list of "100 Things I Want to Do This Summer." I'm not even going to try to pick my favorite ideas from her list. She had so many good ideas but I do know that I will be borrowing a few of them to add to my list. If I really am able to compile my 100 list in a decent amount of time - I hope to share it here on my blog soon.

Of course one of the things we often take advantage of in the summer is the free movies at Edwards Theater. Click HERE to see the line up for our theater.Some of the movies they have listed are ones that I haven't seen yet and so I am looking forward to going to these Nim's Island and Inkheart.

Here is a list of 99 Days of Great Summer Games Memorial Day to June 30 from
Here are some craft ideas from
And HERE is one more site that has ideas for activities, crafts and summer recipes.
Oh and on the off chance that you are planning a trip to a National Park this summer there is news that for 3 weekends this summer the entry fee will be waived at 147 parks. Click HERE for details.

I stumbled upon this cute letter called Dear Summer on the Rocks In My Dryer Blog and thought you may like it too.

Dear Summer,

Welcome back, my old friend. We’ve missed you.

As always, you showed up right on time, with the shrill dinging of the last school bell one afternoon last week. You rode on the shoulders of my delirious sons, as they bounded out to the car. Their faces were flushed with the awareness that you’ll be their companion for the next three glorious months... {read more at}

So do you have fun plans for the summer? Do you have ideas that will help me in my summer planning? Feel free to share a comment or link me up to your blog so I can learn from you.

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