Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grocery Deals

A great week to stock up on those cream soups for winter casseroles. Keep in mind that I only select items to highlight that I feel are an exceptional value or that I think you or I may desire to buy for our families. Check the ads for more items.

To my friend, Christine, sorry no great deals on Coke for your vending machine. Albertson's had 12 packs 3/$12 (not so great) and Fred Meyer had only Pepsi products on their ad 12 packs are 5/$12 with in ad coupon.


Campbell's cream of mushroom soup
Campbell's cream of chicken soup
Yoplait yogurgt

Campbell's chunky soups
Prego spaghetti sauce

88 cents/lb. Cook's shank portion ham


99 cents doz. large eggs

$2.79 gal. milk

$1.44/lb. fresh pork ribs
$1.88 Cheetos or Fritos


Cory and Joanna Ellis said...

I just sat down with the Albertson's ad and wrote those soups on my shopping list for this morning. Thanks for sharing the good deals with us!

Emily said...

Cream Soups here I come

C H R I S T I N E said...

Ok, I missed a whole week of blogging because my favorites setting for your blog kept taking me to your last wed. posting. I refreshed and I missed out on a lot. Thanks for the add update. I really look forward to seeing them.

C H R I S T I N E said...

If you have some good caserole recipes w/ cream soups, I would be interested. I don't have any caserole recipes and now that my family is bigger and eating more, I would love to start making them.