Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just getting started

Well, here goes nothing - or maybe it is everything Ü

I don't promise to be the most entertaining blog online nor the most informative - that is someone else's domain already. What I am hoping to do with my little blog is to post at least weekly to share with my family and friends what is going on in our family, what is on my mind, and what is important to me - most likely all of this will be sprinkled with some random Tiffany Thoughts too.

One of the things I like to do is find a good deal. I have made it a routine to check the local grocery ads each week and when I find a good price on an item that my family uses - for example Campbell's Chunky Soups are on sale right now at Smiths 15/$10 as well as Kleenex and Prego Spaghetti Sauce- as I was saying when I find a deal I have many friends that I call to tell them the good news. I am going to save myself the phone calls and hold my friends responsible to check my blog on Wednesday's to find out what I know. If I come across other deals on different days... I may even blog more often. Don't get the wrong idea though... I will be sharing much more than my grocery deals. Much of what I "Show and Tell" here will evolve as I become more knowing about how to do all this blogging. I am kind of a computer dummy. Anyway... Have patience with me and thanks for reading my first babble.


Jedd said...

Tiffany, way to be daring. You have our support in being a cyber blogger.

Tami Cole said...

Tiffany, I don't get the paper so I can't wait to hear the great shopping deals, and of course to make your yum yum cookies!