Thursday, September 27, 2007

I've been tagged!

First of all I have to say that what I have read of you other girls in response to these questions is making me feel old. 10 years ago, I had already been married for 8 years and you all were still in college finding your mates!

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Wow… it is hard to imagine life that long ago. That was three life times ago – the life times of three of my children. At that time I only had only one child. Cheyenne was 2 and spoiled rotten. We had adopted her as a newborn after being married for 6 years and were loving being parents. We were just getting started on our adoption papers to adopt another baby. I was working as a Registered Nurse in the Home Health field on top of being a housewife and mom. I am so glad that I don’t still have the juggle of working outside of the home.

What was I doing 5 years ago?
Enjoying every minute of my final baby. Savannah was just 7 months old and I knew she was my last child. With every other of my children I returned to work, but this time I decided to stay home and have been here ever since. Carson was 3 and Morgan was 4 so life was pretty crazy with all of them under foot. Cheyenne was 7 then and there was a lot less drama related to her then compared to now.

What was I doing 1 year ago?
Driving to preschool and turning around in what felt like 5 minutes to pick up my preschooler. Now I just walk Savannah to the bus and she comes home with the rest of the kids. Other than that my life a year ago really wasn’t too much different than my life now. Hmmm what does that mean? Actually I really do like my predictable life and our routines.

What was I doing yesterday?
Returned odds and ends to neighbors and friends – you know all the stuff that piles up that isn’t yours and needs to go back where it came from.
Went to Albertson’s and stocked up on the soup and ran other errands
Did some cleaning
Went to lunch - twice. Once with Clayne and once with the girls. That is why I only had a soda girlfriends!
Helped kids with homework
Visited with my neighbor
Made dinner
Went to the ward book club
Gee, when I put it all down like this it doesn’t sound like much – but I was busy!

Five places I’d rather be.
I could do a week in Maui again
A weekend trip with girl friends (love those women’s conferences in Provo)
In bed sleeping soundly – a good night’s sleep is priceless
I’ve never had a massage but think I’d enjoy one
A get away with just my hubby

Five treats I love.
Bit O Honey candy
Rocky Road ice cream or just about any flavor
Fresh warm cookies
Chili’s Hot Lava chocolate cake
Pizza (the added benefit is that I don’t have to make dinner)

What I would do with a million dollars.
Pay my tithing Ü Pay off my house and buy two new vehicles. Do some traveling. Put aside enough for our retirement and the kid’s education/mission funds and then donate a bunch to the church. I really don’t know what I’d do with the money so I’d have to meet with my financial planner. (How sensible of me)

5 favorite TV shows.
Wish I could watch TV, but don’t get to very much. Once in a while I catch Oprah or sometimes I watch a little HGTV. If we go back to when I did watch TV I would have to say one of my all time favs is Everybody Loves Raymond.

My most memorable things right now.
The kids bursting through the door after school – happy to see me and share their day. The quiet hours I have while they are gone at school to get things done so that I am more available to them when they are home with me. Having “enough” – enough time to do the things I really “need” to do, enough money to get the things we really “need” and an occasional “want” too, having enough love and joy to feel happy in the life I am living.

5 people I am tagging.
Joanna, Wendy, Teresa… ummmm the rest of my blogging friends have already been tagged. Anyone who reads this feel free to join in.


Allison Lee said...

Yay Tiffany! It's so fun to get to know more about people from this silly little TAG business. I love reading about your adoptions too! We need to get together sometime and talk more about that. I love reading your blog, very helpful. I'm gonna link you!

Tiffany B said...

Thanks Allison. I think we are all becoming blog junkies Ü I'm glad you are reading my blog too.