Friday, November 9, 2007

7 random things about me

Tagged - 7 random things about me -
  1. The toilet paper has to be from the top! I have been known to change it if it is on the roll wrong even in someone else's house.
  2. I went to a Motley Crew rock concert when I was in High School.
  3. I was sent to the principal's office when I was in kindergarten for kicking the other kids under the table. Back then we had bigger tables that several kids sat around instead of individual desks.
  4. I was on the drill team for several years in high school - the Dragonettes and our colors were orange and black - yuck!
  5. Swabbing out my ears after my morning shower is a daily MUST! I can't stand for them to be wet inside!
  6. I worked at Subway sandwiches for a few years back in college. Helped to supplement my grocery bill since I got a free meal when I worked.
  7. I married an "old" man. I got married when I was 19 to Clayne and he was 25. Since I was the first to marry in my family, it freaked my parents out a bit that I was marrying someone so OLD. My argument is that I had to marry someone older so he could finish raising me. I had a lot of maturing to do!

I am tagging anyone who wants to join in. It will be fun to see what you all post.


Wendy Sue said...

Love these!! Loved learning more about you (and I'm the SAME way with the TP, lol) Hey, I was on the drill team in hs too...Waspettes...and we were yellow and black...only slightly less yucky than orange and black, lol! I'm totally going to do this on my blog - I need to update anyway and this will get me moving. ;)

Hilary said...

Too funny, Tiffany! I'm an ear swabber too. :O)