Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thanksgiving Idea

I have to give a shout out to my friend Joanna for this fabulous idea. (Joanna is listed in "blogs I visit" to the left, scroll down) On her blog this week she posted the following, "When we were little kids our family had a turkey box we'd break out at Thanksgiving time. It was a shoe box that was decorated with a paper turkey, and had a slit in the top where we could put lists of things we were thankful for. Then when we'd drive to Mama and Papa's house for Thanksgiving we'd get out the box and read every one's lists to remind us of what we are grateful for."

She also posted this great link for the cute turkey pattern shown in my post (get it here.) I am going to make one of these tomorrow and then introduce the idea to my kids in FHE tomorrow night (remember we hold our FHE on Sunday nights.) Thought you might like the idea too. Thanks Joanna Ü

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Hilary said...

totally cute! I love this. I saw another version of this on someone else's blog... I'll try and share it. This turkey is so cute and so you! (ya big turkey!)