Friday, November 9, 2007

Project Pictures

So I have been really slow about posting pictures of my painting project in my great room. Pictures never do show it the way it really is, but I really am happy with how it turned out. If you want to have a better look at the color either go to and look at the color sensational sand or you could just come over Ü I love my new free standing fireplace. I think it gives a nice focal point when you come in the front door and just warms up the space so nice - both with heat-warmth and design-warmth. I also was excited to find that my Christ picture that I bought last May found a home. It goes great with the fireplace. What I am really looking forward to having done is the paint job of the wall over the stairs. I am putting it off because I am a little nervous of how to get up there to do it.

I wanted to also share a picture of a tag I made this week. I actually made 12 just like it for a swap.


Shelly Brown said...

Looks good, Tiff! I've got to come check it out in person!

Hilary said...

Looks good! You accessorize so cute!

Cute tag too! I didn't know you still did swaps!

ME!!! said...

I like, can't wait to see the red wall, can you get started on that!!