Thursday, November 29, 2007

Giving Thanks

Thoughts of Thanksgiving

I owed my blog one more post relating to Thanksgiving before the month ran out. As I have previously posted, we kept a box for this month for everyone in our family to place slips of paper where they had written various things they were thankful for. I finally got them all typed in and wanted to share them. Some of them are pretty funny - at least I think so. Again, I have to say that we are truly blessed!!

Being healthy, Living in a Free Country, a Good Job, Wonderful Parents, Wonderful Wife, Helpful Children (who’s), living in Idaho, Nice Home

My Carpet cleaner, Kitchen appliances, Indoor plumbing, That I am a good cook, The Sacrament, That I don’t have to play the Piano at Church anymore, my Family,the Temple, my New Computer, Grocery Stores, Hairspray, Vehicles, Warm Home, my Bosch, Fresh Baked Bread, Dishwasher, Good Music, Comfortable PJ’s, Rain, My Home, the Gospel, President Hinckley, my Savior

Tamagotchi, Friends, Water, Talents, Pets, Pie, Life, Family, the Piano, my Radio, my Karaoke, Food, Clothes, my Cell Phone (has no service), My bed, Spiders (um, right), bugs, insects, Animals, Lava, Heat, Cold, the Earth, Shasta (a stuffed animal husky dog), School, my Education, Music, Pancakes, Pencils

Brian Burton, Jason Burton, Jill Burton, IF, Home, Rain, Sun, Plants, Food, Mom & Dad, School, Friends, Jesus, Football, Smurf Turf, Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Carson Christensen, Trevor Baird, Idaho, New England, Randy Moss, Brett Fave, Computers (I think Morgan has a bit of a fascination with Football!!)

Animals, Clocks, Bed, Trees, Water, Everething Exept Selere (celery), Earth, Littrisite (electricity)

Me, Turkey, Cats, my Dog, Me (again), House, Clothes, Turkey (again), Cheetos, MOM, DAD, HALOKD (Hello Kitty)


Emily said...

What a fun thing... It is fun to reflect on all our blessings!

Hilary said...

what cute thankfuls!! You were right, the funny differences between the age groups is a hoot!