Friday, December 21, 2007

Done Christmas shopping? CHECK! and weekend plans

Just a quick entry for anyone who may even still be in blogland with Christmas so near. I should actually be wrapping presents, but then what would I do on Monday lol. All the shopping has been done for a while and that is a wonderful feeling. Speaking of shopping, I finished a layout of Morgan doing his shopping at the dollar store. Used that wonderful freebie kit that I posted the link for earlier this month on my blog. Still LOVE that kit and thought it made a great page.
Did I mention freebie downloads hehe... I am so addicted to grabbing all this great free stuff on the net. I found another great site this last week and thought I'd pass it along to you in case you are wanting to grab some free goodies too. I liked this site because it has everything in categories so it would be easy to find something specific when you are working on a layout. Anyway here is the site link. Happy downloading!

Tonight we had Clayne's company work dinner party at the Whitewater Grill over by the falls. I had the coconut shrimp and it was delish. I was proud of myself for passing on ordering desert. I am always a bit overwhelmed by the amount of food I eat at the holidays. Thank goodness for aerobics!

Tomorrow we go to Malad to my parents for the family Christmas party. We will be making graham cracker houses and having a big dinner (more food!!) and then Santa will come. That should be enough festivities for us for the weekend lol. Hope you are all having a great weekend too.

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