Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Christmas Card and a Layout

So I am an addict to digital scrapping now lol. I would spend even more time on it if I had it. I want to share my latest creation. I entered a challenge at digital candy. Yep, I made this page all by myself lol. A challenge - not a contest lol. Not ready to start competing with my limited skills in this area. Here is the site for the challenge http://www.digitalcandy.ca/shoppe/ Click on forum to go to challenges.

If you become a member of their community and enter the challenge they give you this really cute kit that I used to create this layout. The challenge is that you use everything that is in the kit to create your layout. Kind of fun and I thought this kit was way too cute. It also got me to get a page done - even used photos from a few years back.

Our Christmas Card

While I am at it, here is the front of our Christmas card that I sent out this year. Inside it said:

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you happiness and joy at Christmas time. Here's just a spot of news about each of us:

Savannah is 5 and loving kindergarten. She loves riding the bus like the big kids, but feels a bit ripped off that she only gets to go for half a day.

Carson is 8 and is in third grade. He continues to hold the title of "class clown" and is good at it because he really is funny!

Morgan is 9 and is in the fourth grade. he is a very social boy and we have a hard time keeping him home unless we have a good football game on tv.

Cheyenne is 12 and started Jr. High this year. She is loving it and making lots of new friends. She's still playing the piano and getting real good at it.

Tiffany is still staying home and keeping very busy there managing the kids, and Clayne too. She is learning a bit of digital scrapping and serves now as the Relief Society secretary.

Clayne is still working as manager at Bonneville Collections to support himself and his 5 dependents - guess that didn't keep him busy enough because now he serves as 2nd counselor in the Bishopric.

We (Tiffany) have/has a blog now so drop in and see what we are up to any time at http://www.tiffanybodily.blogspot.com/ We'd love to get your email address too. Have a very happy Christmas Season. - Much Love XO

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ME!!! said...

Thanks for the xmas card, very cute!!! I have to move away to get photo cards from you, huh??