Monday, December 10, 2007

Another way cute gift idea

I totally loved this idea on the legacy lady blog. Super cute gift idea and I'm gonna need to have one on my scrap desk too. Go to her site to get all the links for the downloads.

Got 2008 Calendars???
On the tangent of fabulous and inexpensive Christmas gifts, checkout the cooperative efforts of the pclayers team - sharing these fabulous 2008 CD Case calendar Freebies! All you have to do is visit each blog and download a quick page for each month of 2008 (some blogs will have two downloads). Then you can easily drag and drop your photos into the templates, print them out and insert them in a CD case opened so that the part that holds the CD is supporting the calendar - they make great gifts - all for the cost of printing - so enjoy!!

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ME!!! said...

Cute ideas, I am going to have to save them for next year. I think I am almost finished with shopping, how did the gingerbread houses go?