Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our Holiday Happenings

Just wanted to post a few layouts that I made from quick pages (the only way to go when you want to get them done fast to share on the blog!) These are some of the activities that we have enjoyed together this past week for our Christmas Countdown. Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season too. Gotta make this quick since I need to get FHE going - we have a gingerbread house to make tonight!!
Told you a while back that I'd share my 25cent neighbor gift find. I got Betty Crocker cornbread muffin mixes at Winco. We added a cute tag that said, "You're getting "muffin" for Christmas from the Bodily's." The kids were really good about helping me prepare them and deliver them. So nice to have that done already!

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Hilary said...

cute, Tiffany!

All of it!

And, thanks for the muffin mix! :O)