Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Grocery Deals - HoHoHo Save Some Dough!


It's the big Quaker sale - plus
Buy 10 for $25 and get an instant rebate of $10 - makes it 10/$15
Aunt Jemima syrup
Quaker oatmeal breakfast or mussin bars
Quaker oatmeal to go
Quaker granola bites
Quaker granola bars
Quaker sweet & salty bars
Quaker life cereal
Quaker oats
Quaker breakfast cookies
Quaker Cap'n crunch cereal
Quaker simple harvest hot cereal
Albertsons cereal
Albertsons orange juice
Albertsons instant oatmeal
Albertsons fruit and grain or chewy bars

It is also the mega meat and seafood sale.
Several cuts of meat, roasts, steaks, chicken breasts, etc. are buy one get one free.


$1.29/lb. Bone in country stylw bork ribs or pork roast
$1.89/lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast
$2.79/gal. milk
10/$10 Duncan Hines brownie mix
4/$5 Hershey's baking chips
99 cents/doz. large eggs
$1.88 Dorito chips
3/$5 Hot pockets/ lean pockets

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