Saturday, December 29, 2007

Santa Came!

HO HO HO! Guess we were good little boys and girls!

I had to laugh at this picture of Clayne on Santa's lap. Look closely at what he is holding in his hands. Yep, it is an Ariel Mermaid Barbie. Too funny. I only noticed it when I was putting it on the blog. He was still trying to unpackage it for Savannah (she got it when she went up to sit on Santa's lap). Guess he didn't even think about the fact that he was holding it and it would look like he was getting it from Santa lol. This was at my family Christmas party last Saturday. More about that in another post.

Here is what we really got from Santa on Christmas morning.

I had a hard time deciding if my kids would get a play station for Christmas. We have an old Sega and so I figured that was good enough. But the kids just kept asking for one and they didn't even get greedy and ask for a wii. They just asked for Playstation2. Pretty cheap really. They were so excited when they got up and saw it on Christmas. The TV has been on almost constantly when they are awake - and not for TV viewing! Tonight is the exception though. Morgan is watching the big Patriot game. Hence my few moments to blog!

I have to admit that the PS2 is a mixed good/bad thing. There is some whining and crying when others feel that they are not getting their fair turn. I have to set timers sometimes. When school starts we will certainly have to set limits. It ought to be interesting when they don't get to play it tomorrow (Sunday). I am amazed at how much better the graphics are on the PS than on sega. And yes, I'll admit it... it is way fun to play the American Idol game lol. Cheyenne had to beg me to give her the microphone back. Simon doesn't like me much -cry! Paula is always nice though lol. I'll have to keep practicing.

Anyway... we had a fun Christmas and everyone was very happy with what they received and the joy of my children made it fun for me. I'll be sharing more photos and blog entries over the next week.

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Hilary said...

hilarious w/ Clayne and the barbie!! Sounds like a fun Christmas!