Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 365 in 2010

Here is my opening page for my album I will be creating this year for Project 365. I used the Journey 365 Jumbo kit by SuzyQ Scraps available at Scrap Orchard. Remember that Scrap Orchard will be back open on January 4 & if I remember right this kit is on sale! The stitching is by Carina Gardner & the template was a freebie from HERE.

Yep... I'm gonna try this again. I learned a few things when I took on Project 365 last year & hope to improve my approach this year. I am not going to beat myself up if every photo is not an awesome photo but I am going to make an effort to do all I can to improve my photography skills this year - well... all I can afford time to do or can find for free on the internet. I know that to take great photos is a big time investment & can also be a big financial investment.

What I hope to do is find at least one good photography tutorial each week (the tutorials I share may be on photo editing too because there is a lot I want to learn there too) and apply what I learn as well as share links to the tutorials when possible. I'm hoping to share what I learn on Thursdays each week on my blog.

So... yes you have probably figured out that one of my goals this year is to improve my photography. Over at Photojojo there is a fun article New Year's Just Ain't New Year's Without Photo Resolutions. In this article they share a list of 22 photo possibilities for the upcoming year. I know there are things on that list that I need to do.

I also plan to just share my Project 365 layouts each week rather than trying to upload my photo each day. If I feel like any of my photos are worthy of being featured outside of a layout I'll post those too. Anyway... I am just hoping to learn more from what I am doing this year. I also want my collection of 7 photos each week to be related in some way instead of completely random. I will have a theme of sorts each week for what I take photos of. This first week will be about my goals for 2010.

I spent some time researching how I wanted to approach Project 365 this year and came across a few things that you may find useful if you are joining in the project yourself this year. I know lasts year I struggled some days finding something worthwhile to photograph & I think these lists will help inspire me.
Creating Keepsakes has this list of 365 ideas to photograph
Carina is heading up the challenge at DHD and has a great list too
And one more list here on the left hand side of the blog

Of course viewing other people's blogs who are participating in the Project will inspire you too. If you are joining in be sure to link me up. I'd love to have a look.


Ms. Marie said...

I've decided to join this year too. I first discovered P365 when I started blogging, and that was last sept, so it was too late for me to start. So, I've decided that 2010 will be the year for me. My blog will be going through a makeover, but after its finished I will make sure to link you up.

KayJay said...

good luck with the project this year - remember no pressure just have fun! And this time next year you will have a beautiful book! Love the cover you have made - good idea too, to start with that! I completed last years project, but I never made a single layout, that is my goal this year! Wish me luck!

Tera said...

Thanks for all your ideas!!!