Friday, January 1, 2010

Days of December 30 - 31

Happy New Year everyone! I must say that I am glad to have this "little" scrapbook project done. Here are my last two days of pages. I have to admit that I lost some of my enthusiasm after Christmas Day. I had some fun activities written in my planner for the days following Christmas but I just didn't feel like doing them & I think the kids just wanted down time to play with their Christmas gifts & their friends - so I bagged the ideas I had planned and just ended up filling in these pages with whatever we ended up doing. If I do this project next year - I will be doing it differently but I still am glad I took it on and I will have a wonderful album that records all we did in December. I am less than satisfied with the hat and wordart embellishments I added to yesterday's layout for the New Year's Eve Party but I just wanted to be done. Scrap Orchard is closed until Jan. 4 but then I'll probably end up downloading a New Year's Kit and changing out the embellishments on this page before I print it & put it in my album - for for now I just wanted to be done so I could do something else. I already have a new project underway and want to get it going. I'll show you in my next post. Oh and don't forget that today DHD opened. See my previous post for more information.

Oh and one more thing - even if this is just a note to myself LOL. I thought many of the photo prompts and journaling prompts on the pages I did over this month were fabulous and I didn't always follow them but I did take photos of most of them and will be doing additional pages - not necesarrily following the same design of these pages I have done but where ever my ideas take me - so we'll see what comes of it.

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