Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grocery Deals

Ok so here is a little news on how to save a little more at the grocery store. The above photo is the newspaper from Blackfoot and you can buy it here in Idaho Falls at these locations
-Shell Gas Station (corner of Yellowstone & 17th)
-Inside Broadway Albertsons (at customer service desk)
-Smitty's Pancakes
-Maverick (on Yellowstone)
-Shell Gas Station (Sunnyside)
The Saturday edition of the Morning News contains a few of the things you find in a Sunday paper. You get the Smart Source coupon insert (sometimes a bonus Red Plum insert) and the Fred Meyer ad. So if you are a coupon user this is a great way to collect more coupons and you only pay .50 cents for the newspaper to get the extra coupons.

Now for a few good deals I purchased today at WinCo. You know how this store works.... there are really no ads and you never know how long the prices will stay so if you are interested in these items - I suggest you go there as soon as possible.
$2.98 Yoplait Yogurt Fridge Pack (contains 8 regular size yogurt cups)
$1.78/lb Pork toploin chops (mega pack found in the fridge section along the opening isle of the store)
$1.48/lb Pork picnic roast (We love to use these roasts at our house. I just throw them in the crockpot with a jar of salsa and then shred and use in tacos. Easy and yummy!)


Hilary said...

My friend Jillian just told me about this! I'm so excited! I just am so lazy about getting the paper. But to pay a third the price, I'm going to try a little harder!

Janiel said...

Great idea! Never thought of the Blackfoot paper!