Sunday, March 8, 2009

Project 365 Day 64-67

Oh how I long for spring so that I will have better opportunity for photographing. We are in that cold blah stage here - just waiting it out. I think that is why I got behind on my posting this week. Just wasn't too inspired.
Day 64 Grain: I am working on our food storage supply. I want to have at least 33 buckets (each hold over 30 lbs of wheat.) I now have 28 buckets. Almost there and then I can just replace it as I use it. I make my own wheat bread each week.Day 65 Bokeh: (Bokeh is a term for having the background very out of focus while the subject is crisp. You can google the term if you want a better definition) As I said.... drab days here... waiting for real flowers to take pics of not these poor dead things that are now in my flower garden! Day 66 Macro: It snowed a bit off and on this weekend but not pretty flakes that would have made interesting photos. This is all I have. Day 67 Zoom: I struggled with this one. My hubby has been working on the boys Pinewood Derby cars for scouts all week. We just hope that this coming Friday they will "ZOOM" down that track and make our boys smile. It is funny how this is supposed to be about the boys but DH ends up making the cars for the most part. The boys are more than happy to claim them and put them on the track when the big day comes though. Right now this car and bus are looking rather red neck up on blocks for painting lol.

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Shelly B. said...

I actually really like that dead flower picture! The colors are so rich!